WWE Superstars Report – 9/24/2009

WWE Superstars Report – September 24th, 2009
Report by Prowrestling.net, Chris Shore

[Q1] The opening video aired, followed by Chris Master’s entrance, and Michael “Cole as Ice” and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcomed us to Superstars. Primo was out next…

1. Primo defeated Chris Masters at 4:48. Masters started out quickly with power. He whipped Primo who slid under a kick attempt and hit a low dropkick for one. Primo worked strikes. Masters reversed a whip to the corner, but Primo climbed to the top and hit a flying leg scissors. Masters popped up and clotheslined Primo to take control. He hit a running powerslam for back to back two counts.

Masters set Primo in the corner and worked strikes. He hit a spear in the corner and Primo rolled to the middle of the mat. He tried for a leg drop, but Primo moved. Primo tried to whip Masters to the corner, but Masters reversed hard and signaled for the Masterlock. Primo stood and hit a kick to avoid the hold. He several clotheslines on Masters and then a flying shoulder tackle finally took Masters from hit feet. Primo tried for a cross body, but Masters caught him. Master flipped Primo into the Masterlock, but Primo slid down and rolled up Masters for the win. Post match, Primo celebrated on the ramp…Backstage, William Regal and the East-Side/Eastern Europe connection heading towards the ring…[C]

Back from commercial, Goldust made his entrance as Josh Matthews and Matt Striker took over on commentary. Regal and crew were out next…

2. Goldust defeated William Regal (w/Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson) by disqualification at 3:49.Goldust broke the first grapple clean and then hit an armbar into a leg drop on the leg. Regal shook it off and hooked in his own armbar. Goldust reversed it and Regal whipped out. He tossed Goldust to the floor. He landed on his feet and quickly tried to reenter the ring. Regal kicked him and took control.

[Q2]Regal worked the arm for a minute before Goldust fought out. Goldust whipped Regal to the corner and charged in. Regal moved and Goldust hit the turnbuckle, but he hit a powerslam on Regal as he charged in for two. Regal hit Goldust in the gut and pushed him into the ropes for a 619 setup. Zeke punched Goldust and the ref actually saw it to cause this disqualification.

Post match, Kozlov and Jackson hit a double shoulder tackle on Goldust. Regal locked in the Regal stretch as the big guys watched. Suddenly, Christian, Yoshi Tatsu, and Tommy Dreamer made the save and cleared the ring…The announce team hyped the Hardy/Kane main event…[C]

Back from commercial, a Batista is God video played…Back ringside, Jim Ross and Todd Grisham took over on commentary as Michelle McCool and Layla made their ring entrance. A video recapped the Melina win over McCool last week on Smackdown. Maria was out next, followed by Melina. The announce team put over the tension between M’N’M…

3. Michelle McCool and Layla defeated Maria and Melina at 3:23. Melina and McCool started. McCool took quick control, but Melina hit a flying head scissors. McCool tagged in Layla quickly who was quickly slammed by Melina. She tagged in Maria who hit a flip into a neckbreaker for two.

[Q3]McCool took a swipe at Maria, allowing Layla to score a kick and take control. McCool tagged back in and worked heel moves. She choked Maria in the ropes and tagged in Layla. They worked Maria in the corner and Layla locked in a chin lock. Maria escaped and tried for a tag. Layla pulled her down by her hair and knocked Melina to the floor. The ref checked on Melina and McCool snuck in and hit a big boot on Maria. Layla covered for the win. Post match, the faces bickered as the heels celebrated…[C]

Back from commercial, the Ask the Divas segment played. No, I will not go into the questions…Back ringside, JR and Grisham introed the Smackdown Rebound video that showed the current angle with Punk/Taker/Teddy Long…Back ringside, Matt Hardy made his ring entrance…[C]

Back from commercial, Kane made his ring entrance. JR said Kane didn’t like anything, even JR’s Barbeque. Funny…

[Q4]4. Matt Hardy defeated Kane by disqualification at 11:58. Matt started out with guerilla tactics to start. He managed to get Kane in an armbar, but Kane fought out and worked his move set on Matt. Kane slammed Matt but missed the elbow drop. Kane reversed a whip and bent over for a back drop. Matt kicked Kane, who no sold the move. He ran at Matt. Matt pulled the top rope down and Kane spilled to the floor. He looked up at Matt into the break…[C]

Back at 6:40, Hardy was still in control. He went to the second rope for a double axe handle, but Kane caught him by the throat. Matt slipped out of the Choleslam and hit the ropes. Kane hit a big boot and went to work. He stomped Matt in the corner, stopping at four. He strong whipped Hardy to the corner and choked him in the ropes, once again breaking at four. He stood Matt up and locked in a bear hug.

Matt escaped, but Kane hit a sidewalk slam for two. Kane went back to the bear hug. Hardy headbutted his way out and hit the ropes. He tried for a crossbody, but Kane caught him. Kane lifted Hardy, who slipped out and hit a chop block. He tried for a bulldog, but Kane pushed him off. Hardy hit a kick and then the bulldog for two. He hit a DDT for two. Kane stood in the corner and Matt hit several strikes. The ref forced a break and Hardy went for Twist of Fate. Kane lifted Hardy from the Twist of Fate setup and crotched Matt on the top rope. He did it again and the ref called for the bell, ruling a disqualification…what? Kane chased the ref off and then hit the Chokeslam. His music hit and Kane backed up the ramp smiling…