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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 9/25/2009

Posted by Marc Middleton in SmackDown! Results, WWE News
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

– WWE taped this week’s edition of SmackDown tonight from the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Special thanks to Shawn Bates for sending text-message updates.

WWE SmackDown: (Airing Friday)

* The show opens with a recap of the , Teddy Long and segment.

* CM Punk comes out for a promo. The pyro doesn’t go off to open the show. Punk gives a typical heel promo as druids come out with a casket. CM opens the casket and Teddy is inside bound and gagged. Teddy is ungagged and he announces CM Punk vs. Undertaker at but Undertaker’s submission move is banned.

* CM Punk vs. Undertaker is announced for a match later tonight on SmackDown.

* & Finley b. & .

* Backstage Cryme Tyme have Slam Master J spray paint Teddy’s office. Slam Master J will compete tonight.

* They tape a backstage segment with CM Punk and . McMahon says Punk and Teddy should have understood the consequences of messing with the Undertaker. McMahon wishes Punk luck in his match tonight.

* Vince McMahon cuts a heel promo on the people from Oklahoma. Talks up next week’s tenth anniversary special.

* comes to the ring cuts a heel promo.

* enters through the crowd rapping. welcomes McIntyre to SmackDown then beats him down.

* b. via disqualification. applies an ankle lock and Jericho comes out for the save. ends up applying the hold on Jericho.

* Vince McMahon and Teddy backstage. McMahon asks why the conspiracy and where is his picture. Teddy says it isn’t finished.

* b. after help from The Hart Dynasty.

* Josh Mathews interviews Batista back stage. Batista and a partner challenge for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship. Batista says they have their number because his partners number is 619.

* The Undertaker vs. CM Punk is up next.

* , DeGeneration X, The Legacy and The Undertaker are all advertised for next week’s tenth anniversary SmackDown special.

* The Undertaker b. World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk via count out. After the match Undertaker grabbed him and took him back to the ring. He hit a chokeslam and the Tombstone to end the show.


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  1. Zac West

    Date: Sep 23, 2009 at 2:00 am

    I just wanted to say that i was at the SmackDown on Tuesday, and they announced that the Undertakers move, Hells Gate Submission Hold, is no longer banned by the WWE

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