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Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings – 10/1/2009

Posted by Marc Middleton in iMPACT! Results, TNA News
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

– Thanks to Tim Capture for these spoilers from tonight’s TNA iMPACT tapings that will air over the next two weeks:

Dark Match:

* Colt Cabana b. Puma after hitting some type of shoulder buster. Cabana put Puma up for what looked like a butterfly suplex but put him on his right shoulder and dropped down. Cabana also came out to entrance music.


* iMPACT opens with an promo. He says he is not medically cleared to work tonight but he needs answers. He calls out Mick Foley and says he owes him answers. Mick Foley comes out with three TNA security guys. Foley questions why he would owe anything. He says does he owe Chris the 24 plus years of blood, sweat and tears? He asks does he owe him for paving the way for guys like ? Does he owe him for the flannel shirt? Foley answers, no, he doesn’t owe him anything. says he just wanted to save Foley. He says the picture was an accident because he went to get the barbwire bat to help Foley and knocked the picture off the wall. Foley asks if he gave Chris permission to go into his office. He asks if he gave him permission to get his back. Foley looks back and says he didn’t need before. He questions if he needed him when he was flying off the . He questions if he needed him in Japan when losing flesh. He questions if he needed him when he lost his ear in Germany. Abyss says Foley is… no… was his hero. Abyss says he got into this business because of Foley. He says he got through the beatings from his dad by thinking of Foley. Abyss asks how did Foley repay him? He removes the bandage and shows the cut on his forehead. Foley says he got hurt too and was in the hospital too. Foley extends a peace offering of a new Tweak and Tweet connection. He says it’s not the original, it’s a cheap ripoff, an imitation, just like Abyss. Foley says Chris isn’t in the same league as him. Foley says he’s like the photo, a cheap imitation and a ripoff. He smashes the photo on Abyss and leaves. Abyss goes after Foley but the TNA security guys try to stop him. Abyss beats them all up while Foley gets away to end the segment.

* b. Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi, and in a Ladder Match to win a TNA X Division Championship shot next week.

* TNA Legends Champion Kevin Nash b. Dr. Stevie w/Daffney in a non-title match after hitting the Jackknife Powerbomb.

* b. in a Battle of the Playboy Models after a sunset flip out of the corner. Traci attacked Hemme after the match and laid her out.

* Tara joins Mike Tenay and Don West on commentary for Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed vs. ODB for the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship. Saeed shoved Tara so Tara goes after Saeed. This distracted Kong, who grabbed Tara, but it allowed ODB to schoolgirl Kong for the win. ODB is mad that Tara interfered and bumps her. She shoves her back and they exchange blows. Kong comes back in and cleans house by giving them both Implant Busters.

* Hernandez vs. ends on a double count out. World Elite comes out and attacks someone and it turns into a pull apart between the Main Event Mafia and World Elite backstage.

* The Beautiful People come out for a promo. says that due to contractual reasons, Angelina Love is no longer in The Beautiful People. Sky and want to come clean and say they’re not proud of their actions in the past year. They say it was largely due to Angelina. Madison said Angelina turned them into monsters and made them do things they didn’t want too. Now that she’s gone they want to show their true colors and apologize for every heinous act they did. They want to start fresh with a clean slate. They call out Sarita and so they can apologize in person and wish them luck in their match at . Sarita and Wilde come out as Velvet and Madison apologize and ask for forgiveness. They shake hands then The Beautiful People attack them. Taylor and Sarita get the upper hand but makes the save. She beats up Taylor and puts the Claw on Sarita. She poses with The Beautiful People to end the segment.

* vs. Matt Morgan was being taped when Kurt Angle hit the ring dressed as a fan. He hit Morgan with a chair. The Main Event Mafia come out and attack Young. World Elite come out and it’s a full on brawl. Every security guard comes out to break it up. The brawl is stopped then restarted. Agents Terry Taylor, Simon Diamond and Scott D’Amore come out to help. The brawl keeps stopping and restarting. Angle was dressed as a fan that had been in the crowd dressed as Abyss. At some point they switched out.

* , Inc. join Mike Tenay and Don West on commentary and drink some beer with . & Lashley b. The British Invasion w/ & after Lashley got the Dragon Sleeper on . Team 3D and Beer Money drink beer afterwards. comes out and chokes Lashley out.

* Daniels b. Jethro Holliday with the Best Moonsault Ever. I don’t know for sure but I would imagine this would be an Xplosion/Webmatch.


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