Hogan Threatens Musician, Rock’s New Movie, Trish

— An audio clip has leaked online of a voicemail message Hulk Hogan left for musician Chase Holfelder, the lead singer of the band The Mile After. Hogan tells Holfelder that he’s messed with the wrong girl (presumably his daughter Brooke) and threatens to have Hells Angels break his legs. To listen to the voicemail message, click here.

— Dwayne Johnson’s next film “The Tooth Fairy” will be released on 1/22/10. The comedy film is produced by 20th Century Fox and stars Johnson as hockey player sentenced to work as the tooth fairy for a week.

— Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus spoke to GameDibs.com this week about the development of her new yoga video game that’s coming out next year for the Nintendo Wii.

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