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WWE Superstars Report – 9/17/2009

Posted by Marc Middleton in Superstars Results
Friday, September 18th, 2009

WWE Superstars Report – September 17th, 2009
Report by, Jason Powell

[Q1] The opening video aired… and introduced the show…

1. Chris Masters beat in 4:55. The announcers recapped during the ring entrances. Masters dominated the bulk of the match. Santino made a comeback and applied his version of the Masterlock. Masters broke free of the move and countered with the real Masterlock until the referee called for the bell…

The latest “WWE Divas Corner” featured various Divas giving dating advice to men and revealing their hidden talents… [C]

A video showcased C.M. Punk…

[Q2] joined Josh Matthews and Matt “Beer Can” Striker on commentary…

2. Christian defeated Paul Burchill in a non-title match. Nice Ontario reaction for Christian. Ryder gave the “XOXO” greeting to his girlfriend. Funny. Christian was in control of the offense when show went to break. [C]

Burchill got some offense in after the break. Late in the match, he caught Christian on the ropes and nailed him with a few headbutts before following up with a fisherman’s buster off the second rope. “I think I could do better than that,” Ryder said. Funny.

[Q3] The wrestlers traded offense until Christian hit the Killswitch to win the match. Afterward, Christian looked down at Ryder, who remained behind the desk while returning the stare… [C]

and Todd Grisham checked in for the first time at ringside…

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed , who said he made a business decision when he said the words “I quit” at Breaking Point. He said he would make suffer in the match and reclaim his WWE Championship… [C]

[Q4] 3. defeated . A few minutes into the match, Ziggler bailed to ringside to avoid a beatdown. followed, so Ziggler climbed over the guardrail. The referee wouldn’t let Finaly follow him. [C]

Lots of punches and kicks after the break. They also bumped heads in the corner of the ring. Finlay was in charge of the match when he became distracted by the referee taking his silly shillelagh, which had been kicked into mid-ring. Ziggler took advantage of the distraction by hitting his finisher and scoring the pin…


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