WWE Superstars Comment on Jeff Hardy’s Arrest

– Several current WWE Superstars have posted thoughts on Jeff Hardy’s arrest on Twitter. Below are comments:

Chavo Guerrero: “Hey guys, just heard about jeff Hardy. Don’t know details yet but i want to give my support. Jeff is a classy person and also have his back!”

Chris Jericho: “Don’t think of judging Jeff Hardy until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. I will always have Jeffs back…”

Matt Hardy: “Thanks for the support on SD tonight-I know I’m not 100% yet, but I promise you I’ll get there. And remember, innocent until proven guilty… It’s been a long, stressful day for me.. But, everything will be ok.. Guaranteed. Like Public Enemy said “Don’t Believe The Hype!””





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  • Horseman420

    How come nobody is addressing THE COCAINE???

  • tiffany

    man jeff. what were you thinking?

  • hardcorestraigthedge

    Jeff shud hav taken cm punks advice

  • justin magnaye

    Jeff Hardy, I am always on your side. You know, you are one of the best wrestlers of all time and i wanted you to know that. I always will have your back. I will take 24 hours or even more checking on websites and correcting people that CM Punk shouldn’t be in the WWE. I watched and read about you. I wish I could visit you in Cameron. CM Punk should be BM Punk. He sucks! When CM Punk said he was never going to take cheap shots, he does. I am just ten and get great grades but know lots about wrestling. How’s your head? Should be better! Didn’t you use to play wrestling with Matt when you were young and play in the backyard? When did you learn the Twist Of Fate? The Swanton Bomb? The Whisper In The Wind? Did you get the twist of fate from Matt? Jeff, you did wrong. When will you get out of jail? Jeff, you rock and rule my world, but you shouldn’t have done that because you will not know how long you’ll be there. We will not not know either so we’ll miss you.Jeff Hardy, in my opinion you are the best and better than anyone and you should know that. Jeff, I will miss you and many fans who follow in your footsteps like me will miss you too. Bye! Jeff I have to do homework now.

  • justin magnaye

    JEff also you rule!

  • bianca pierre

    i heard what happened to jeff hardy i’ve been praying for his P.S. i’m just a eleven years old I LOVE THE HARDY!

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