JR Blog: Babyface Turn for Shelton Benjamin, Taker vs. Punk and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some highlights:

– It looks like Shelton Benjamin is working his way back to being a fan favorite. I could be wrong but that’s what it seems to me. I still think Benjamin can be special with the right presentation because athletes like him don’t come along too often. Plus, Shelton is one of the most engaging and entertaining guys on any roster in the locker room. If that talent can be transferred to in front of the camera, and I think it can, the WWE can mine some valuable minerals from the Gold Standard.

– Pet Peeve #1…..I don’t like “gay” jokes on any wrestling show. Seems outdated, wrong, and low road.

– Not sure what bout is going to “steal the show” Sunday in Montreal at “Breaking Point” but don’t discount the Christian vs. William Regal bout. On a level playing field, these two vets can go and will do all they can to make this match special on this PPV opportunity.

– The Undertaker is the first superstar fans will see Friday night when they tune in to MyNetworkTV. One has to look long and hard to find where ‘Taker has submitted in a WWE bout. I haven’t found such info. Considering the World Title Bout between Undertaker and Punk is a submission match, that data is relevant.