TNA’s Reaction To Low iMPACT Rating, Possible Explanation

The early internal reaction within TNA to iMPACT’s 1.0 rating last week is one of disappointment, as the consensus is that the show was one of their best in recent memory. The Vince Russo-driven show saw the increased presence of newer stars like AJ Styles, Hernandez and Matt Morgan; and the decreased presence of older stars like Mick Foley and The Main Event Mafia.

One explanation being looked at is the fact that almost all DVR devices did not record iMPACT last week, due to the listing being changed to “TNA Wrestling.” DVR records are factored into the Nielsen ratings system, and the lack of those records may impact the final numbers for any given television show. Paired with the strong competition from football, this may serve as some sort of explanation as to why the show — which was critically acclaimed around the internet for a change — drew such a low rating. This was iMPACT’s lowest rating since January 1st, 2009.

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