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The Dog Pound – The Dead Will Rise Again

Posted by George Antonio in The Dog Pound
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Forty days. Its been forty long days since the Dog Pound has been brought to all of you loyal readers of the IWC. For this I apologize. It has been a long month, and I have been dealing with some personal issues that needed to be sorted out before I could get my mind back to writing. I also had the honor of dealing with food poisoning the lastt 24 hours as well, so its been an interesting time. Enough about me though, let’s get into what we all know and love…professional wrestling!

First off I just want to say that although I haven’t written in quite awhile, I have been watching; and I find myself still terribly bored with Monday Night Raw. Don’t get me wrong, their mid-card wrestlers and even the divas are doing a wonderful job, but the main event scene on Raw is just so stale I honestly have a hard time watching it. I do enjoy as the champion. But how many times can we see Orton vs. in a match? How many times can we see the combination of Orton & Legacy vs. & in some way, shape, or form? It’s old and just plain tiresome.

I did mention the mid-card talent on Raw and this is where the show continues to shine (for me anyway). has done such an amzing job elevating the United States title that it almost seems to mean something again. is also a very bright spot on the show and really I believe now would be the time to give this guy a run with a singles title. Then we have guys like and who also add a lot to the show!

How can I go without mentioning the Unified Tag Champs as well, and . It doesn’t matter what show these two appear on, they make you stop and watch. I’m looking foward to their match at , mainly because it gives a chance to shine on a ppv with a guy like Jericho helping him out.

Enough about Raw though because for me friday nights is where the WWE product is shining! What a feud we had between and ! These two brought it week after week both in the ring and on the mic. I’m sad to see Jeff go, but when he does return I’m sure he’ll pick up right where he left off. In the meantime, he helped elevate as a solid main event player for the WWE as well as helping establish him as a top heel (something Punk plays with a natural ability). Week after week both men gave their heart and soul to entertain us fans in what I believe was one of the most solid storylines of this fiscal year.

Now with Jeff gone, we have the return of the deadman…the . I’m a pretty big fan of the , but I do find it just a little weird that this guy can be off the show since , come right back and get a title match at a ppv. No set-up, no number one contenders match, he’s just got the title shot. I mean they could at least explain it like, “he beat Michaels at ‘mania so we’re giving him this title shot,” you know? Something at least. I digress. I would like to see a long term program between Punk and ‘Taker, because I believe they contrast in styles even more than Punk and Hardy did.

My only questions however have to be: Where has been when it comes to ppv’s? This guy has all the tools and the fans have really gotten behind him; even JR and Matthews have been building him as a young HBK. Also, what happened to ? He returned and made peace with his brother, his brother loses the title and has to leave, and instead of going after CM Punk himself, Matt steps aside and Undertaker gets the next shot. See, storyline-wise could have used this to step up and become the next main event guy, much like Punk now is.

Yes, things on friday nights are indeed great. We also have guys like The Hart Dynasty, Cryme Tyme, , and even yes..Slam master J stepping up to the plate. Also, with the recent and untimely suspension of one it appears the IC title is in need for a new home. May I suggest something similar to what Raw did just last night, a Fatal-4-Way match. Hmm, guys like Hardy, Morrison, and Ziggler may fit!

Well, that does it for me this time around peeps! The Dog Pound, just like the Undertaker has proven that the dead will rise once more!


~Guests are always welcome inside the Dog Pound~

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