Brian Kendrick Speaks on His Release from WWE

– In an interview with the Dragon Gate USA ( website promoting his debut for the company against CIMA on September 6th, former WWE wrestler Brian Kendrick comments on his release from his previous employer for the first time. Kendrick said he’s happy to not to be in WWE anymore as a comedy heel designed to “make old men laugh.” While he plans on incorporating some of what he learned in WWE into his wrestling style on the indy circuit, he will ultimately wrestle in a style that pleases himself.

Kendrick summed up his time in WWE by saying neither side was compatible.

“I had some fun in WWE,” Kendrick said. “I learned a lot, made some friends. It’s a corporation, I am a human. This human didn’t fit into the corporation’s plans, and that corporation didn’t fit with my human side. I had some laughs, but I am awfully happy the ride is over, and I don’t want back on.”





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  • TheRealXena

    I know this is very late in the game but, man am I disappointed. Anyone who has any history with marijuana or knows anyone with a history of pot use knows that once you get really stuck on it, you get fat and lose your ambition. Those are two things I noticed recently with Kendrick. I WAS a huge fan back when he was lean, funny and motivated. Now he is chubby and depressing to watch. That’s really too bad because this is the same guy who was nice enough to actually contact me personally by phone to thank me for a huge portrait I did of him on his little brother Neal’s wedding day. I once kicked a boyfriend’s ass for doing weed in my apartment and broke up with him on the spot. He got soft and lost his passion as well and I didn’t see what was happening at the time and was stunned by the disrespect. I wish I could talk to Brian face-to-face and tell him, if you are shy (which I KNOW he actually is by the phone call) or can’t take the pressure, you should be doing something less intense. If you can’t take the heat, don’t light up. Get the f–k out of the kitchen or figure out a different way to deal with it. He has friends and family who love him and need to talk to him. At the end of the day … Reality Rules!

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