Spoilers: More Backstage Details on WWE and Jeff Hardy

Partial source: PWInsider

– As noted earlier, Jeff Hardy finished up for the time being with WWE last night after losing a Loser Leaves WWE match against CM Punk. Hardy posted on Twitter last nigiht, “Made it!”

In an update from the tapings, after he lost, Hardy cut a promo and thanked the fans. Hardy tagged hands with fans at ringside and the announcers before being attacked by CM Punk. The segment ended with The Undertaker making the save and chokeslamming Punk.

During his speech, Hardy told the fans, “When the time is right, I’ll see you all again.”

Backstage, WWE management told Hardy he had an open door to come back whenever he wanted and that if they could help promote his outside projects, they’d be happy to. Hardy said he wasn’t leaving because he was unhappy, but because he wanted time off of the road and wanted to do things at his own pace.

A lot of the WWE talents were comparing his exit to Chris Jericho’s a few years back. The feeling backstage is that it’s a matter of time before Hardy is back. There has been a lot of praise on Hardy over the past few months as it’s felt that his work helped bring CM Punk to a new level.





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  • luis

    hi, i´m luis from mexico; i´m a real jeff’s fan, so i´m really sad because he wouldn’t be any more in the wwe. By this comment i want to tell you that i really miss him so all my freinds, family and i; want he back.
    wwe is not the same without him.

    jeff rocks!!!….we need him back, even you need him back he´s the greatest fighter i ever know!!!

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