Rhaka Khan Comments For The First Time On Angle Situation

Credit: PWInsider.com

TNA star Trenesha “Rhaka Khan” Biggers, gave her first public comments on status with TNA wrestling after filing the PDA order against him to WPXI channel 11 in Pittsburgh, PA this morning.

When asked about her status with TNA, Biggers commented, “I was told that by filing the PFA I was forcing them to choose between the two of us. I knew that when I filed it. I knew there was no way I was probably going to be able to work there anymore.”

In regard to working with Angle in the future, she said, “I’ve forgiven so many times for what he’s done to me, and I’ve been around him and been fine, but now, he’s gone and slandered me. In the wrestling ring, you got to be able to trust the person you’re working with and know that they’re not going to hurt you.”

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