Kurt Angle Speaks On Legal Situation At Press Conference

TNA World Hvt. champion Kurt Angle continued to claim he is innocent of all charges facing him resulting from his ex-girlfriend Trenesha Biggers (Rhaka Khan) filing a Protection From Abuse order against him on August 15.

Angle was allowed back in his home today by a court judge. Biggers will not be allowed to stay in the home they previously occupied together after Biggers began receiving mail at Angle’s home to establish a permanent residency.

“It’s been 10 days. I can’t wait. Thank God. She’s out of my life,” Angle told reporters outside of the court house. Angle’s attorney, who was able to get Angle back in his home despite a delayed court hearing, denied Biggers’s allegations against Angle.

“Obviously, we deny her version of the story. It’s a made-up story,” attorney Mike Santicola said. He added that they expect a judge to eventually rule in Angle’s favor regarding Angle’s arrest August 15 on due to a violation of the PFA.

“I will be exonerated,” Angle said. “We’ll see in court, whether this girl was motivated financially or she wanted a relationship with me.”

Angle and his attorney say Biggers requested a PFA nine days after an alleged altercation earlier in the month of August. They characterized the request as a made up story based on her not visiting a hospital or receiving medical care after the alleged incident.

Angle and his attorney again did not address Angle telling a police officer when he was arrested on Aug. 15 that there an altercation the previous night, which was followed by Biggers requesting a PFA seven hours later in the timeline of events.

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