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JR Blog: Undertaker’s Return, Vince McMahon’s Birthday and More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Monday, August 24th, 2009

is back with another blog on with some thoughts. Some of this entry’s highlights:

– I arrived in LA at 5 pm on Saturday and headed to the downtown Sheraton Hotel which served as HQ for the weekend. After a challenging week multi tasking, I was beat when I arrived at the hotel and actually was in bed asleep Saturday night at 8:30 pm Pacific time. Of course, I had a 5 a.m. wake up call Sunday morning to be ready to roll tape at approximately 6 a.m. for the Food Network’s “Dinner Impossible” program that will air, as I understand it, in November. I will keep every one posted as to the exact date. I had a great time stepping sort of out of the wrestling world and was assigned to make multiple gallons of BBQ Sauce which I did and that everyone seemed to love. was a riot on this shoot and we were also joined later in the morning by who sure looks nice in a kitchen and I mean that in a positive way. and The also joined in the non kitchen festivites so WWE was well represented. Chef Robert Irvine is a hoot to work with and is a former cook with the British Royal Navy.

vs. got the event off to a superb start and Ziggler once again got “this much closer” to winning the IC Title and, at the same time, continued to build upon his persona. Ziggler is a keeper and will hopefully continue to push himself to raise his personal bar of PPV performances. Rey is simply tremendous and is the most unique performer in all WWE for my BBQ dollar.

vs. C.M. Punk….WOW! matches are all about the risks, car crashes, and “Holy S**T” moments that so many fans feed off of during these bouts that have no pinfalls,etc. As I was visiting with Todd Grisham on our way to Phoenix from LA late Sunday night, I discussed with him that wrestling bouts that eliminate pins, submissions, count outs and disqualifications make them more one dimensional and make the high risk stuff the star of the show. This match was tremendous and if you could have been sitting at ringside as we were you could not have helped but feel the angst and element of profound danger that Jeff and Punk put themselves in on multiple occasions during this World Title Bout.

– Of course, the surprise return of The was HUGE and seemed to add the exclamation point to what seemed to me to be a surprisingly strong Summerslam that my lovely wife thought rivaled . Nothing at Summerslam could have topped the -HBK match for me based on my long history with both me but from a female viewers standpoint I can easily see where the Mrs is coming from.

– BTW today is Mr. McMahon’s 64th birthday and when people have birthdays on Raw or Raw is in one’s hometown….look out! I feel regarding this matter that I know of which I speak.


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