The Two Sheds Review: Surviving the Dungeon: The Legacy of Stu Hart

THE TWO SHEDS REVIEW by Julian Radbourne
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When you mention the name of Stu Hart, you immediately think of the infamous dungeon in Hart House in Calgary. Now, the great man himself is the subject of a recently released DVD entitled Surviving The Dungeon: The Legacy of Stu Hart.

The brainchild of Blake Norton, writer, musician, and graduate of the Dungeon, this documentary uses archive footage in which Stu and his family talk about how the Dungeon came to be, and of it’s numerous famous graduates. It certainly makes for interesting viewing, and as someone who enjoys listening to old wrestling stories, it was great to hear Stu talk about his career.

But it’s not all about the interviews, we actually get to see inside the dungeon. We get to see Stu putting several of his students, including a somewhat younger and heavier Blake, through the infamous stretches. Even though he was getting on in years, the old boy was still able to teach the youngsters a thing or two, and I couldn’t help but think what would have happened if some of the top mixed martial arts stars had been put through the same tough training regime. It would have certainly added to their game a little.

The main feature is great, and makes for riveting viewing, as do the extras, and there’s a ton of them, ranging from interviews with various members of the Hart family, to matches, with a 2001 encounter between Lance Storm & “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels wetting the appetite before you’ve even seen it.

In conclusion – if, like me, you’re a keen student of the history of the professional wrestling business, then this is a must buy. Blake Norton treats his subject matter with the respect it truly deserves, and it’s respect and his affection for the Hart family is what makes this documentary great. Blake’s done a perfect job, and I hope he gets the plaudits he deserves.

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