Heat On WWE Diva For Stealing AJ Styles’ Signature Move

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Among people in WWE, Michelle McCool has a reputation for being negative and having attitude issues, but in TNA she has heat for stealing AJ Styles’ finishing maneuver, the “Styles Clash.”

Generally speaking, the proper etiquette among wrestlers is that if you want to blatantly use a maneuver that someone else is using as their signature, you must first ask permission to do so unless they are no longer active. If the maneuver is something that has been used among wrestlers for decades, it is no big deal, but if it something that comes of as the wrestler in question invented it — or at least popularized it — it is proper etiquette to at least ask first. The Styles Clash is considered by those in the industry to be AJ’s innovation.

McCool is well aware that another wrestler presently active in wrestling is using the very same maneuver as her. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that someone in WWE asked McCool herself if she realized she’s using a move someone else is using. McCool replied saying something along the lines of seeing “some wrestler in TNA” use the move and she thought it was cool.

When word of her reaction got back to people in both TNA and WWE, it got her even more heat among wrestlers for not knowing who AJ Styles is.

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