JR Blog: William Regal’s New Stable, The Hart Dynasty, McCool, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some highlights….

– The Hart Dynasty performs for the 2nd week in a row in the final segments of Smackdown. That’s prime real estate and it’s good to see some young competitors getting the opportunity to carry the ball.

– WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool makes her return to SD this week and did an outstanding job doing guest commentary during a Diva tag bout featuring Melina/Maria vs. Layla/Natalya in a match loaded with names ending in vowels.

– Could a women’s bout headline a wrestling PPV? Interesting question. In today’s marketplace and as the females are currently positioned my answer would reluctantly be no. However, there is no reason that two, highly skilled, in ring technicians who the fans have made the vital, vested interest in AND who have a strong, clearly defined personal issue can’t contribute MUCH more than they currently do. Does that mean I think that, if crafted properly, women can close a TV program in compelling fashion? Absolutely.

– The new faction that William Regal has “assembled” on ECW interests me. Why? Because it’s new. I realize that everything “new” can’t be great or even good but at least it’s different. Plus, no one knows for sure what the audience is going to buy into until “new” is provided an opportunity to evolve over an adequate amount of time. Two of WWE’s most eligible, young bachelors, Matt Striker and Josh Mathews, if that is their real names, are doing a solid job broadcasting ECW Tuesday nights on Sy Fy. This duo does their prep and care about improving their game. Both should be destined for more, higher profile assignments in the future.





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    Clancy 2002 The case book for Russian. ,

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