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Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings – 8/20/2009

Posted by Marc Middleton in iMPACT! Results, TNA News
Monday, August 17th, 2009

– Below are TNA iMPACT tapings results for this week’s show from tonight’s tapings in Orlando. Thanks to Wrestling News World and Tim Capture:

* Dave Penzer introduces the Spanish announce team of Willie Urbina and Hector Guerrero. Mike Tenay comes out next followed by .


* b. Q2 with the Stunner.

* b. Slugga with a sunset flip.

iMPACT, Airing Thursday:

* The opening pyro goes off as comes out and joins Mike Tenay and at the broadcast table. Don West is not at the table so it looks like and Tenay on commentary. The Main Event Mafia comes out in full force in the ring. tries to speak but is interrupted by . Morgan has an axe handle and is angry about what happened at the pay-per-view.

* Angle says Morgan kicked him so hard he lost feeling in his extremities and got knocked loopy. He said he broke up the pin because he thought Morgan was being pinned. Angle goes on to claim he was so out of it he didn’t realize he pinned Morgan. Angle offers Morgan another chance, teaming with him against in a tables match. Morgan accepts the offer and leaves. The Main Event Mafia remains in the ring.

* , Inc. b. IWGP Tag Team Champions The British Invasion w/Kiyoshi & Sheik Abdul Bashir in a non-title street fight. Robert Roode and both bled in the bout.

* was attacked by Angelina Love when she was on her way to the ring for a match. Love beat Rayne down, put her in the ring and pinned her. came down to put a bag over Madison’s head but Tara and came out to make the save.

* b. Homicide with a Muscle Buster to retain the TNA X Division Championship.

* Sarita w/ vs. w/Sharmell vs. Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed vs. Christy Hemme w/Tara is up next. Traci pinned Sarita to win the match after Kong gave Sarita a butterfly facebuster. Kong went to the top for more offense when Traci stole the win.

* The Pope D’Angelo Dinero b. w/Jay Lethal after hitting double running knees to the corner. After the match came out and went after Pope. Pope bailed before could get to him.

* comes out to make a major announcement. Styles, who chokes up through the segment, says it’s time to say goodbye to professional wrestling. comes out without his makeup to try and change his mind. He tells AJ only losers quit and he’d be letting him down. says he wanted to pass the torch to AJ, he says he was the chosen one. AJ hugged and they both left to end the segment.

* Bobby Lashley comes out and joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary. Team 3D vs. Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan in a Tables Match is up next. Prior to the match, Angle gets into with Lashley and ends up punching him. Security comes out and Lashley leaves ringside. The match starts.

* Team 3D b. Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan in a Tables Match. Morgan was nearly suplexed through a table but Angle moved it enough where only one of the table legs broke. I’m told Morgan landed funny and might be hurt. They bought time to get another table. Team 3D slammed Morgan off the top rope through a table to win the match.

Xplosion/Dark Match:

* ODB b. Alissa Flash with a running slam. After the match fans can get in the ring and get their photo taken with The Beautiful People for $20.


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