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The Two Sheds Review: Gentleman’s Choice: The Chris Adams Story

Posted by Julian Radbourne in Two Sheds Review
Saturday, August 15th, 2009

THE TWO SHEDS REVIEW by Julian Radbourne
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When I think of World Class Championship Wrestling, I naturally think of the top stars of the company, the Von Erich brothers. Then I begin to think of it’s other stars, and naturally, British star “Gentleman” Chris Adams comes to mind, and he’s the subject of a recently released documentary, Gentleman’s Choice, brought to us by Mickey Grant, the producer of WCCW’s highly acclaimed television show.

This documentary looks at every part of Adams’ controversial life. It begins with the proverbial humble beginnings here in merry old England. We hear how he became a skilled judoka, training with his brother Neil, who went on to win two Olympic silver medals. Unable to reach the heights his brother did, Adams soon ventured into the professional wrestling business, learning under the likes of Tony “Banger” Walsh, a perennial Big Daddy foe and father of current British star Thunder.

Of course, most of the documentary focuses on Adams’ life in America, where he became an international star, making his name alongside the Von Erichs in World Class. But with fame and fortune also comes the hangers on, and the temptations.

We hear from many of the people who played a prominent part in his life. There’s his first wife Jeannie. Wrestling great Gary Hart, who played a prominent part in his heel turn, gives his views. Billy Cole (L.A. Muscle) and his wife Sky (Miss Lacey) come across as rather vindictive, having had a massive argument with Adams. Stripper Laurie Wright spends most of her on-camera time rambling about her time with Adams, and, if I’m to be honest, I actually had a problem understanding what this woman was saying most of the time. His fourth wife Karen comes across as a loyal spouse, perhaps loyal to a fault.

Then there’s his best friend, Bill “Booray” Parnell. Obviously he has a lot to say, and his demonstration of what happened during Adams’ final night is both intriguing and disturbing at the same time.

But perhaps the most sane person interviewed here is Kevin Von Erich. Interviewed in a swimming pool with a towel around his shoulders, Von Erich gives the best insights into Adams’ life. He definitely knows what he’s talking about.

And yes, there is mention of Adams’ most famous student, one “Stone Cold” . Jeannie, who married Austin after she left Adams, makes the point that if it wasn’t for Adams, Austin wouldn’t be where he is today, although that’s a point many others would argue over until the cows come home.

Extras come in the form of Gary Hart’s final interview, a film trailer, and the WCCW hair match pitting Adams and Gino Hernandez against Kerry & Kevin Von Erich.

This is a truly remarkable piece of film making, and one of the best wrestling documentaries I’ve seen in a while. Grant has perfectly captured the highs and lows of Adams’ controversial life and career. It’s well worth seeing.

With thanks to Mathijs Affourtit for supplying a copy of this release. To watch this film online or to purchase a copy of this release, visit

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