Kurt Taking Over TNA Creative?, Details On Firings

— The PWTorch Newsletter reports that Kurt Angle is still telling friends that it’s only a matter of time before he takes over the TNA creative team. Although Angle has Carter’s ear, very few people within the company actually believe he will become the new booker.

At this point, the creative team is made up of Vince Russo and Matt Conway, with contributions from Jeremy Borash. So far nobody else has been added to the team, which is currently without it’s leader Jeff Jarrett.

— Regarding Savio Vega’s firing last week, there’s talk that Dixie Carter was never too thrilled with the TNA agent’s hiring in the first place. Shortly after he was hired, Carter was asking a lot of questions about Savio and sources believe she would have fired him sooner if it wasn’t for Jarrett. Glenn Gilbertti (Disco Inferno) and Pat Kenny (Simon Diamond) were released in favor of Vega.

Dixie’s main gripes about Vega was that TNA paid a ton of money to fly him in from Puerto Rico for the shows, he didn’t go on the road, and only worked strictly television events. This was said to be an eye-opening situation for Carter, any many feel that Savio didn’t do near enough to justify the expense of being flown in for tapings.

TNA’s agents have come under fire lately due to lackluster match finishes, among other things. Savio and Dutch Mantel were basically in charge of the Knockouts division, and TNA management feels the division has suffered greatly since the release of former agent Scott D’Amore.

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  • Kevin Valverde

    wow If Jeff Jarrett leaves TNA will go to the ground and if kurt angle becomes the new booker of tna wrestling wow that would aslo kill tna. dixie carter is stupid if she lets jeff jarrett goe and plus he is the man that made TNA with the help of Jerry Jarrett and now That Bitch Dixie Carter is gonna have full Control of Total non stop Action! i just hope that TNA keeps growing. and if anyone of you guys reading this and want 2 convince dixie carter to keep jarrett but the problem is that kurt doesnt want to be near or work with jarrett and it’s because of that whore Karen Angle because she is living with jeff and it’s also that mystery guy from bubba the love sponge who callled in and told that rumor who ever that is tna please fire his ass out of the company. and if any one wants to keep jarrett lets right to tna wrestling there address is Tna Wrestling
    209 10th avenue south- suite 302 Nashville Tennessee 37203.

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