Cena’s Psych Role, The Outsiders Return, HBK/SSlam, & More

— WWE has just opened up 1,500 more seats in Edmonton for Tuesday’s Smackdown tapings, which sold out the original allotment. All new tickets are priced at $20

— John Cena’s role on USA Network’s “Psych” will be that of a special ops soldier who is helping solve the murder of two other soldiers.

— During an appearing on Sky Sports in the UK, Kane said he expects to wrestle Great Khali at SummerSlam but the match isn’t official yet.

— If there was any doubt left in anyone that Shawn Michaels would be returning at SummerSlam, almost all advertising for the show now features Michaels — both locally in Los Angeles and on WWE Classics.

— The Insane Clown Posse’s JCW event on Saturday night in Cave in Rock, IL will feature Ken Shamrock vs. Jimmy Jacobs, Raven vs. Sabu, a tag match featuring Kevin Nash & Scott Hall and also appearances by Heidenreich, Butterbean, Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk and others.

*SPOILERS* Triple H’s returning group is NOT D-X….. [FULL DETAILS NOW LEAKED >>]