Mr. Kennedy’s Latest Video, Miz/SummerFest?, UFC News

— The Countdown of UFC 101 on Spike TV last night did 803,000 viewers, which isn’t UFC 100 levels but is above what the countdowns usually do.

— The ESPN E:60 story on Lesnar last night was basically a rerun of the one they did before except with sound bytes from reporters about how bad Lesnar is for the sport of MMA.

— After The Miz lost his match at RAW on Monday he was banished from RAW, SummerSlam, and also “SummerFest” which host Jeremy Piven accidentally said instead of SummerSlam. It turns out The Miz actually did wrestle at an event called WWE SummerFest last year. The Miz and John Morrison were featured acts at a WWE outdoor event in Venice Beach, California advertised as WWE SummerFest 2008.

— Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson’s latest video blog, where he demonstrates proper nutrition:

*SPOILERS* Triple H’s returning group is NOT D-X….. [FULL DETAILS NOW LEAKED >>]