TNA President Dixie Carter Buying Out Jeff Jarrett?, More

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TNA president Dixie Carter did not reveal her immediate plans at the TV tapings last week, but backstage rumors are swirling of her possibly buying out Jeff Jarrett and making creative changes.

The office was apparently in disarray last week, as some office workers weren’t sure who to speak with regarding things they would normally have gone to Jarrett about. Carter has apparently spoken to some of the top wrestlers personally regarding the situation, but aside from them, the only people in the know are her inner-circle. There likely won’t be any official announcement on her decision for a while.

“Dixie has seized complete control of the company and she will be going over the Jarrett allies (closely),” said one TNA source. “If anyone in her inner circle has something bad to say about those people, they could be gone.”

While Carter has technically been in control of the company since she purchased a majority share, she hasn’t really asserted her power and allowed Jarrett to run the wrestling end of the operation. She has a reputation of avoiding confrontation, but the feeling is that she’s stepping up at a crucial time that will define the company going forward.

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  • Michael

    Well i couldent expect anything else from Dixie Carter and her pathetic father they are the sort of people who buy in to a company and try and screw the other part owner out of there shares and thats what they are doing with TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett they will screw Jeff anyway they can and if he doent accept there offer to sell his share to them then they are the type of people to use there power as majority owners to make Jeff’s life hell untill he sells i mean who do the Carters think they are sure they bought the majority of TNA off Jerry Jarrett but they are in noway responsable for the TNA formation and the ideas behind TNA if it wasent for Jeff Jarrett then this Panda Energey crap wouldent have an already esdablished company to have bought in to so i think they should show Jeff some respect i mean Dixie freaken Carter took Jeff’s job as TNA President if they had any morals at all they should let Jeff decide weather he whants to sell his shares and if he doent then they should accept that and grow up for once

  • nicole moffat

    Big mistake as tna will go out of business just like wcw by taking on the wwe.

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