eFed: New Matches Posted

It’s time again for Wednesday Night Destruction.  It was an extremely close week in the eFed.  Every match came down to the wire, especially in the main event between Shawn Michaels and The Rock.  Shawn Michaels retained his title with a mere 3 vote win over The Rock.  Shawn Michaels will defend his title against the winner of the Randy Orton/Undertaker match.  The Hardcore Title contender match between Edge and Jeff Hardy was also another close one.  Edge won by a vote.  Rey Mysterio also regained his Cruiserweight title by defeatin Eddie Guerrero.  This week, there is a great cruiserweight match between Kofi Kingston and Kidman.  I wish I could see this one when both wrestlers are at their prime.  It would be one for the ages.  Check out our eFed!