Candice Michelle Speaks on WWE PG, Playboy, Torrie Wilson, Trish and More

Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: Candice Michelle
Date: 7/24/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Special Contributors: Erik Clancy & Andres

– Candice joins the program and talks about what she’s been doing since leaving the WWE. She says that she had 5 great years there and loved it. She felt like she worked hard and felt that it may have been her time to go. She talks about the injuries she had and after a while she felt that she gave all she could. Right now she feels like she can have some time to relax & she has no regrets.

– She was a wrestling fan as a kid, so when she joined the Diva Search, there was actually motivation to get in the ring and wrestle rather than being eye candy. She started off in a non wrestling role, but after a while she felt like she wanted to try it and she loved getting in the ring and wrestling.

– She says that Trish Stratus paved the way for the model type girls to succeed as wrestlers, but her true motivation came from the Diva Search where she felt the girls were looked down on, and that led to her wanting to really prove herself. She also says that to hear compliments from the various legends that she worked with was a great honor and she really worked hard to get better. She is also proud of the girls that are in the WWE now.

– When asked about the rough road schedule, she says that there is nothing to prepare you for it, so you really have to love the business
to be able to adjust to that kind schedule. But she says that she liked it so much that whenever she was at home, she says that she couldn’t wait to get back on the road and back to work.

– The Super Bowl Commercials really caused some controversy and got her name out there and made the WWE realize they have somebody they can market. But she says what really won her over with Vince was a 2 minute match she had with Melina where she gave 100% and put on the best match she possibly could.

– Going back to the commercials, she saysthat they had to edit them alot, and as of right now she is basically banned from ever being on a Super Bowl commercial ever again. She alsotalks about all the controversy and the backlash from that where everybody on the news made a big deal about it.

– When talking about the new PG direction of the WWE, she says that the WWE is always going back and forth on the sexual content of the show. She likes the PG aspect because its great to play it up for the kids, and the girls are still hot. Candice also jokes that wrestling in a bikini is pretty brutal. She also tells a really funny story about how she had a Paddle
on a Pole match with Torrie Wilson and Torrie actually put her thumb up Candice’s butt!

– Shifting the discussion to Torrie Wilson, she says that she loved working with Torrie and says that she was a great person to work with. She also jokes that when Torrie was a heel, it was impossible for her to pull off a “mean face” as she always looked cute.

– Candice says that she loved doing Playboy and says it was an amazing experience for her. She says that it was a dream come true.

– At Wrestlemania 22, she wrestled Torrie in a Playboy Eveninggown Pillowfight Match, and she had her time cut short as well, so she said it was a really hard match to do, and even though she felt blessed that she was able to have a match at Wrestlemania, she was also disappointed because she wanted it to be a more traditional match. When asked about the rude chants of “Dirty Sanchez”, she says thats kind of funny.

– The interview then shifts to her collarbone injury where she was able to continue & finish the match. She says that the injury was her fault because she fell the wrong way, but when she worked through the injury & finished and it was her proudest moment in wrestling. She also says that the WWE never forced her into doing anything that she felt uncomfortable with and that the spots she did that resulted in the injuries and her finishing that match were her decision.

– When asked if shes done with wrestling altogether, she says that right now she’s just catching up on her life and right now she is just deciding what she wants to do with her life now. She says that if she does go back to wrestling, she wants to make sure that she’s into it mentally.

– Right now she is working with GoDaddy and wants to do some more with them. She is also starting her own bikini & lingerie lines and has some autograph signings come in. For now, she is just deciding on what she wants to do. She loved her time with WWE, but because she was there, she had to turn down some offers and now she is free to take those offers.

– Going back to the Diva Search and why the other girls didn’t like Carmella, Candice admits that she only met Carmella a couple of times and didn’t know her that well. She says that apparently she had a bad attitude, but didn’t have much interaction with her. When talking about Carmella making it all the way to the finals and asked if Carmella was meant to win, Candice offers a different explanation. She says that Carmella was a great heel & Christy was the obvious fan favorite, so having them go all the way to the finals together was actually an interesting storyline, and Candice says she wouldn’t be surprised if Vince had that in mind.

– Her skit with Triple H at the Barbeque is brought up, and when asked if there was ever anything she did that she didn’t feel comfortable with, she says that she just liked to have fun with anything she was given and didn’t have a problem with it.

– She talks about how she picked out the wand in a store and how it became a big part of her presentation. She had some fun with it and tells a funny story where the star flew off the wand one night when she was waving it. Candice also likes it when kids come up to her and ask about the wand.

Word Associations:

Rob Schnider: “Funny”
ZZ Top: Candice tells a funny story about doing a pretape with them & she actually bit one of their beards.
Melina:”Very dedicated wrestler” and then admits that they had their ups and downs, but in the end they ended up having a lot of respect for each other.
Beth Pheonix: “Incredible chemistry between the two of us…we put on some incredible matches”
Stephanie McMahon: “I have submitted some of the craziest, corkiest, dumbest ideas you could ever imagine and never once did she laugh in my face and I think that’s awesome”
Batista: “An amazing guy”
Mickie James: “They have nicknamed us on tours: The Nasty Girlz” and talks about how much fun they’d have ribbing people.
Vince McMahon: “I respect him & I’m thankful for the opportunities he’s given to me”
John Cena: “He gives a 110%….he was really a great friend to me”

– Candice did a Star Cam stint for charity and she really enjoyed doing it.

– The final question was about the media coverage & treatment of wrestling during the Chris Benoit Tragedy. Candice says that when that whole situation was going on, the tone in the WWE backstage was just really upset & hurt over what happened. And when the media got involved, they just focused entirely on the negative. She also puts over the WWE’s amazing Wellness Program.





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