Ric Flair Trashes Bret Hart On Canadian Radio

During an appearance on the Live Audio Wrestling radio show in Canada, Ric Flair sounded off on fellow WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, saying:

“He is a pissant in the history of wrestling. He has the nerve to compare himself to me. Let’s get realistic. If you put Bret Hart in your left hand and me in your right hand, compare the career…who is he? I wrestled everybody in the business, for an hour each night. Harley Race, Dory Funk, Jack and Jerry Brisco, who is Bret Hart? He is a legend in his own mind. He lives in his own little world…he screws his own family around. Who is Bret Hart? In my world he is a nobody!”

The bad blood between the two apparently began in 2005 when Bret referred to Flair as “the most overrated guy in the history of the business.”

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  • Lou

    Is it me or do Ric Flair AND Bret Hart seem to always act like 2 little bitches in interviews? The constant back and forth is old now. Both need to STFU. Your careers are over Ric and Bret. Both we great in their time, but the time is over. Who was better is simply a matter of opinion.

  • titoveli

    im kinda with flair on this i think bret is overated. he is way overated

  • daniel

    wowww i just lost all respect for ric flair

  • SChlOnGazArd

    ric is just trying to stay in the headlines by starting fights.

    i agree wiff lou

  • xafix

    Bret Hart is the man…………ric flair who?
    😀 LoL Ric Flair has only mic skills…..blah blah

    Bret Hart has everything….. mic skill, greatest technical wrestler, never injured any wrestler in his 20yr career…..woooo ric go n have a shower!

    Bret Hart’s career ended bcoz of Bill Goldberg…….

  • xafix

    Bret Hart , Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker and Shawn Micheals are the legends…

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