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Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings for 8/6 and 8/13/2009

Posted by Marc Middleton in iMPACT! Results, TNA News
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

– Here are TNA iMPACT spoilers for part of the August 6th and 13th shows thanks to PWInsider and Ashley Colton:

*Hernandez defeated

*Both the TNA World Title & TNA Legends Title are on the line: & vs. & Bobby Lashley. Lashley’s music hits, he’s nowhere to be found, same for when Foley’s music hits. Then the second time Foley’s music is played he comes out barely able to walk. He took on both Nash & Angle on his own. Angle had Foley locked into his leglock submission when the lights went out..and ’s music hit… appeared at the top of the bleachers in the crowd..pointing his bat at Angle in the ring. The lights went back out & when they turned back on, Lashley was in the ring with his head bandaged and attacked Angle & NASH..he gave Nash a running shoulder block & Foley got the pin on Nash to become the new TNA Legends Champion.
Winners: Foley & Lashley

*Xplosion Match: defeated The Outlaw Jethro Holiday by DQ.

*4way Knockouts Match: Angelina Love vs. Tara vs. ODB vs. Awesome Kong. Tara rolled up Kong for the win.

*The Main Event Mafia come out to kick off the Aug 13th edition of iMPACT! Kurt Angle addresses the situation about Mick Foley allegedly winning the TNA Legends Title last week. Angle says he struck a deal and the World Elite come out to the ring. Angle says its an honor to being business with them. says this union will take over TNA side by side with Kurt Angle. He says they’ll do whatever it takes. Young says its not just TNA but an entire nation, let the cleansing begin.

*Eric Young remains in the ring with Bashir & Kiyoshi for his match.

*Daniels w/ The MotorCity Machine Guns vs. Eric Young. The Guns hung around ringside reading magazines & videogame instruction booklets with their backs mostly to the ring, completely uninterested in the match. Young wins with a piledriver following interference from Bashir & Kiyoshi, the Guns were completely unaware.

*8 Man Tag Match: Big Rob & Doug Williams w/Brutus Magnus and & w/Sharmell defeated & when Big Rob pinned Roode. This eventually wound up into an all out brawl that included all eight men, Kiyoshi, Eric Young, Bashir, , , Daniels, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, , Sting, Bobby Lashley, Mick Foley & the Bugsy McGraw security team. It was near riot conditions with the them brawling all over the place into the stands. The crowd was super hot for it all. Once the smoke cleared, it was Daniels & the Guns who stood tall, the Guns even held up the TNA Tag Titles…they leave ringside. All of a sudden Daniels & EY came battling back towards the ring along with the Guns, Kiyoshi & Bashir all brawling throughout the iMPACT Zone..on the monitors it could be seen that others were brawling backstage as well. The segment was well over 15 minutes even had Chris Sabin throwing his shoes up the ramp at the World Elite. Daniels put the World Elite on notice that they were coming for them.

* returned and defeated SoJo Bolt with the FFG.

*Contract Signing for the TNA Legends Title Match between Kevin Nash & Mick Foley, they both signed & gave their final thoughts on another & the match.

*3rd Match in the series to determine the 3rd participant for the Main Event: w/Sting vs. w/Kurt Angle. Morgan wins following a real good solid match between the two. The Mafia comes down to celebrate while Sting helps AJ to the back. Angle takes the mic & congratulates Morgan on his win. Angle says Mafia recruited him, Morgan corrects him that he sold himself to them..Angle says one last favor and he’s in the Mafia..Morgan is confused and doesn’t understand how Angle is asking for him to help retaining the title. Morgan says no one demands anything from him and he’s not passing up the opportunity to become the TNA World Champion. He says he’s walking into as the Blueprint, but walking out the new World Heavyweight champion.


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