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The Dog Pound – A Night Of A Champion

Posted by George Antonio in The Dog Pound
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Now I know, it has been nearly one solid month since my last post. There has been a multitude of reasons for the lack of posts this month, but mainly it was because I wanted to do something different. For the last month I decided to step away from wrestling. See, professional wrestling is something I have a very, very deep passion for; however in recent months the entire product has become stale to me. So I decided to step away from it all and see just how much I missed it (if at all) and how long before I came back.

So, although the product to me is still in a very stale cycle lately, I liken it to the rough patch our own economy is going through. It will rebound and I’m going to be around to see it. My hiatus from professional wrestling didn’t last very long at all, and I am back with more of an open mind and understanding to why things may be so stale.

Which brings us this Sunday’s ppv . The one night in the company when “every” title is on the line. Why do I use quotes when I say every? Because it appears they are missing one title on the card; that’s right the Woaman’s title from Smackdown. So, unless the WWE adds this match to the card after Smackdown this Friday, then they’d be lying. Sorry I hate to be nit-picking but its the small inconsistencies like these that adds up with me.

What I do like however, has been the build-up to this ppv. Although I do feel the WWE runs way too many ppv’s, and they could easily cut some out, the build to this one has been very solid. I know, so what am I waiting for, its time to get down to my predictions for this Sunday:

v. – WWE Diva’s Championship. So far this feud hasn’t really taken off. I expect their program to continue into . retains the title which gives her more to hold over the head of not only Mickie, but Miz as well. Winner: .

v. Christian – ECW Championship. I like what these two have done. Although sadly the ECW title is nothing like it used to be, these two men have done their best to bring some importance back to the belt. That said, I see this match going either way. Personally, I’m a Christian fan so I’d love the gold back on him so that’s who I’m going with here. Winner: Christian.

Six Pack Challenge for the United States Championship. I definetly like the build for this match. Sure, the match itself seemed to have been added almost at the last minute, but because every man involved has been wrapped in their own fueds, it works very well. however has been replaced in the match by . Now, since Primo pinned on Raw, I’d say it makes more logical sense to have Primo in the match; plus is a face, and so is Primo. However, i can see that because Carlito is the bigger name and he’s been around longer it works a bit better. That said, I see the title going on one of three people come Sunday. One, it remains on the shoulders of who has been amazing since coming into the WWE. Two, Big Shoe takes it to show just how dominaing he is and since he’s fueding with Kofi it would work. Three, surprises us all and walks out with the gold.

Personally I would go wit either options 1 or 3. I think Kofi has done a terrific job making the title seem important and the fans really get behind him; plus they could continue a feud with into SummerSlam. However, I also feel that Miz deserves the gold as well. He did such an amazing job stepping up against , that he has proven he has the potential to be a big name guy. Why not have him win some singles gold already? Plus if he and Maryse both had gold at the same power couple?? That said, that’s what I’m going with a surprise Miz victory here! Winner: The Miz

v. – Intercontinental Championship. I like Ziggler. I think Ziggler is another young lion the WWE has that is on the verge of becoming a big time star in the future. I do however feel that this feud is to young to have a title switch happen. mysterio just won the title back from jericho not too long ago, so to have him lose again this soon to Ziggler wouldn’t make much sense. I hope this match gets some good time so fans can really see what Ziggler can do! Winner: .

v. – World Heavyweight Title. I love the way these two have interacted. I especially love the way made his subtle and gradual heel turn. Now, the story becomes the contrasting lifestyles, and who will be the better man come Sunday. Again this is a match that could go either way, but I’m really hoping Punk retains here. One, because Jeff’s status with the company may be in question; and two now that Punk is heel, I’d love to see hi face a returning at a ppv like SummerSlam. Winner: .

v. John Cena v. – WWE Championship. Now, this match is going to be decent, just due to the names involved. However, I feel that this is a match that has already become so stale..again because of the names involved. In the end, I’d say I want to see Orton retain the gold but I wouldn’t rule out a win either. Winner: Randy Orton.

Now, I purposely left out the Unified tag match. Why? I am very intrigued with who Jericho might choose as a partner, but want to hold off on guessing. Either way, I don’t expect Jericho to drop the titles just yet. As a joke, a friend of mine said that Jericho has chosen Marty Jannety as his partner to form the new Rockers!

That’s it for now peeps, and it looks as though The Dog Pound is back in full swing. I guess wrestling is just in my blood!


~Guests are always welcome inside The Dog Pound~

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