Randy Couture Dropping Weight to 205 for Lyoto Machida?

– According to a recent interview with On Portland, Randy Couture is interested in dropping to 205 and facing UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida. Couture stated the following…

“[Machida’s] got a very unique style – it’s very unorthodox. He stays pretty true to his karate background and makes it work for him. He’s got great footwork, great balance. He’s very patient. I think he’s terrific,” said Couture of Machida after flashing a coy smile when the subject initially came up. I could certainly go back down to 205 if that was something (the UFC) wanted to see. I’d be interested in competing against him. I think he’s a tremendous competitor and somebody I’d like to fight.”



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  • Sports Satire

    He’s got a better chance at 205 than at 225 trying to take on Lesnar, who probably weighs close to 285 by fight night.

  • bri

    randy couture is amazing, and has been an awesome guy to watch fight! but i think this may be another ko, not in his favor, but like they say, just when you count randy couture out, he proves you wrong!!!


    I really wanted Randy to go out on top , But if he faces the Dragon, He will go out on top of a (STREACHER) of course. But still rootin for ya !

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