Kimbo Slice Speaks on Joining The Ultimate Fighter and More

– Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports recently spoke with Kimbo Slice, here are the highlights:

On Losing To Seth Petruzelli : “I have no idea what happened, but [switching opponents at the last minute] definitely [expletive] with me a little bit, I kind of mentally beat myself, because I had just, well, let’s just say that [expletive] wasn’t right with me mentally. It was like being in a house with green and blue rooms and brown ceilings and skeletons all over the walls. It’s a mind thing. You have to be pretty much 100 percent mental and 70 to 80 percent physical to fight, and I [wasn’t].”

On Joining The Ultimate Fighter: “Every fighter wants to fight in the UFC. Not everyone gets this opportunity to be on this show like I did. What happens from this point is up to me. I don’t see how I could have passed it up. There might have been a little more money elsewhere in the short run, but I’m looking at the big picture, and this is the right move for me at the right time.”

How Did He See Himself In The House: “I’m the only guy going in the house with a bull’s-eye on my back. That’s cool. I’m always going to be the underdog, no matter who I fight. These guys have been doing it over 10 years, some of them all their lives. And in me, you got a guy coming right off the streets.”