Huge Jeff/Kurt Update: Kurt & Karen’s Custody Battle, More


— PWInsider has confirmed that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle are in fact romantically involved, as was revealed on Bubba The Love Sponge by an anonymous caller. It’s been an oft-mentioned rumor within the company among wrestlers, but it had never really been confirmed.

— Mutliple sources state that the relationship dates back to last fall, when Jarrett and Kurt Angle were feuding on TV. Kurt may have even been aware it was going on back then.

— Contradictory to previous reports, sources now say that Jarrett’s time off was his decision, and wasn’t forced upon him by Dixie Carter. The decision was apparently made after recent issues arose between Kurt and Karen regarding the custody of their children. The word going around at the iMPACT tapings was that Jeff removed himself from TNA while the custody issues are ongoing. Until those issues became heated, Jarrett and Angle had been able to co-exist.

— Regarding stories of Angle’s push for the TNA creative reigns, those within the company feel that it won’t happen and there is no major push for a new creative team right now.

— There are a number of people in the company who would love to know who it was that called the Bubba The Love Sponge show and aired out the whole situation.

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