TNA Victory Road 2009 PPV Results

– Tonight’s TNA Victory Road pay-per-view kicks off with a video package hyping the show. We go live to the iMPACT Zone in Orlando, Florida as the pyro explodes and Mike Tenay welcomes us to Victory Road. Off to our first match.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs. Angelina Love

Mike Tenay runs down the Tale of the Tape for this match as The Beautiful People – Madison, Velvet and the challenger Angelina Love make their way to the ring for some hot posing. Out next is the TNA Knockouts Champion Tara, with her pet tarantula Poison. Tara taunts them from the ring. The match starts with some back and forth. Angelina goes down first with a shoulder. Angelina goes to the apron and Tara pulls her back in. Tara with a kick to the gut and a slam to the mat by her hair.

Angelina runs into the corner and Tara locks on a tarantula move on the ropes. Velvet and Madison try to double team her on the floor but she holds her own. Angelina takes advantage and kicks her into the fan barrier at ringside. Angelina poses on the apron and goes to work on Tara on the floor. Angelina rams Tara back into the apron a few times and throws her back in the ring. Angelina with a low dropkick and a 2 count.

Angelina keeps control in the corner as the crowd starts chanting for Tara. Angelina throws Tara from the top to the floor for another 2 count. Tara fights back on her feet but Angelina knocks her down. Tara throws Angelina into the corner but Angelina kicks her off and clotheslines her from the second rope for another 2 count. And another 2 count.

They run the ropes and clothesline each other at the same time and go down. Tara gets up first and rocks Angelina with right hands. Tara picks her up and drops Angelina on her face. Tara hits a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Velvet gets on the apron but Tara knocks her off. Angelina holds Tara and Velvet goes to spray her with hairspray. Tara ducks and Angelina gets sprayed. Tara goes for a pin but the ref is distracted for a few seconds and only gets a 2 count. The ref sends Velvet and Madison to the back. Tara with a sideslam. She misses a top rope moonsault and goes down.

Angelina covers Tara for the pinfall and the win. Referee Slick Johnson apparently didn’t see that Tara’s leg was on the ropes before the 3 count and Tenay calls it controversy. Angelina receives her Knockouts Title as Tara argues with the referee.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

– After the match, Tara superkicks the referee and he goes down. She grabs Angelina who is still celebrating and drops her with the Widow’s Peak. Tara brings out her pet tarantula but Madison and Velvet save Angelina. She takes the spider and puts it on the referee as the crowd pops.

– We go to ringside where Tenay and West run down tonight’s card.

– Jeremy Borash is backstage with The Main Event Mafia. Kurt Angle says not to expect a pay-per-view quality match from him tonight. He says all he cares about is being the best. Angle addresses the rest of the Mafia and says if he does not get a clean sweep from them tonight in their matches, he will walk out and fire them all on the spot.

Matt Morgan vs. Daniels

We get a promo video hyping this next singles match. Matt Morgan hits the ring first followed by his opponent Daniels. They lock up and Morgan throws Daniels over the top rope to start the match. Morgan comes to the floor after Daniels and works him over, slamming his head into the apron and raking his face.

Daniels finally counters in the ring and nails a missile dropkick and some other moves. Daniels comes off the ropes and Morgan just knocks him to the mat. New TNA referee Jamie Tucker is officiating this match. Daniels slides out of a move and hits Morgan with right hands but Morgan drops him with a big knee. Daniels knocks Morgan out to the floor, runs the ropes and flies through the ropes and onto the floor at Morgan. Daniels uses the fan barrier against Daniels as the crowd pops.

Daniels goes to the apron and hits the split legged moonsault on Morgan. The crowd loves it. Daniels comes back outside but Morgan catches him and takes control. Morgan rams Daniels back into the apron. They get in the ring and Morgan hits a big clothesline. Morgan starts working on Daniels’ bad left leg, using the ring ropes and post. Moirgan backs Daniels into the corner, takes his elbow pads off and nails a series of back elbow drops and then a big splash. Morgan goes for a sideslam but checks his watch and drops Daniels. Morgan starts stomping on the injured leg.

The crowd starts chanting for Daniels while Morgan continues to beat him down. Morgan slams Daniels hard into the turnbuckle pads. 2 count by Morgan. Morgan with a scoop slam but he misses a big elbow drop and then a leg drop. Daniels gets up and starts fighting back, hitting a jawbreaker. Daniels with a cross body off the top for another 2 count. Daniels rolls Morgan up for 2 more. Daniels counters a move with another 2 count. Morgan misses a big boot in the corner. Daniels with a nice bulldog off the ropes for another 2 count.

Morgan goes for a big power move but Daniels counters with a DDT and close 2 count. The crowd starts chanting for the BME by Daniels. He goes for the Best Moonsault Ever but his leg is hurt and he falls. Morgan takes advantage and nails the big Carbon Footprint. Morgan checks his watch and goes for the Hellevator, hits it and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Matt Morgan

– Jeremy Borash is backstage with Daffney and Dr. Stevie, asking him why he would want to wrestle Abyss tonight. Stevie is wearing doctor threads. Stevie goes on and says this is something he has to do tonight. He says everyone will find out tonight who the doctor is and who the patient is. Stevie walks off and Daffney says I love you. He says he knows and walks off.

Dr. Stevie vs. Abyss

We get a promo for this next match before Dr. Stevie makes his way to the ring. Stevie is billed from Belluvue Hospital in New York City. Abyss is out next and Stevie clears the ring as he enters. Stevie runs around the ring but Abyss chases him. They come back in and Stevie has some kind of weapon he’s using on Abyss. Stevie runs into a big boot in the corner. They go outside and start fighting up the ramp.

Stevie with some chops in the ring but it doesn’t phase Abyss. Abyss drops Stevie and the crowd pops. Abyss grabs Stevie and tosses him over the top rope. They end up fighting into the crowd with Abyss in control. He launches Stevie into a wall, the crowd wants to see it one more time and Abyss gives it to them. They come back to the ringside area and Abyss slams Stevie’s face into the steps.

Stevie is busted open now. Abyss slams Stevie’s head into the steps again and again. Lots of blood coming from Stevie now. Back in the ring now and Abyss works Stevie over in the corner, ripping his shirt off. Abyss with some big chops to the chest. Abyss goes outside and grabs a steel chair. He wedges it in the corner and launches Stevie into it. Abyss nails the Shock Treatment on Stevie and covers him for a 2 count.

Daffney comes down with a taser gun. Stevie hits Abyss with a low blow. Lauren comes down and takes out Daffney from the apron. Lauren talks with Abyss as Stevie grabs the taser gun. Stevie runs at him but gets caught with a Blackhole Slam. The crowd wants Abyss to pick the taser up and he goes. Abyss sticks Stevie with the taser and covers him for the pinfall and the win. Lauren rushes the ring to celebrate with Abyss.

Winner: Abyss

– We go backstage where Mick Foley is giving a pep talk to Beer Money and AJ Styles for their title defenses later tonight. Foley tells them to hold onto their belts tonight and to do it for TNA.

IWGP Tag Team Title Match: Team 3D vs. The British Invasion

We get a promo video for this match before Mike Tenay runs down the Taglines. Out first is The British Invasion – Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams and their muscle, Rob Terry. The Brits hit the ring as the crowd boo’s. Out next are the IWGP Tag Team Champions, Team 3D to a big pop from the crowd.

Bubba Ray grabs an American flag and waves it at the Brits. It’s going to be Devon and Williams starting things off. The crowd starts chanting for 3D. They lock up and wrestle each other to the mat, going back and forth. They get to their feet and Devon clotheslines Williams and goes to work. Brutus comes in and Devon lays him out also with a clothesline and a scoop slam. Devon with a big elbow drop for a 2 count on Brutus. Bubba is tagged in for some double teaming.

Bubba with some rights on Brutus. Williams gets taken out and Brutus is thrown over to the floor. Bubba suplexes Williams into the ring. Bubba stops Brutus from attacking from behind but Williams comes off from the second rope with an uppercut and the Brits double team Bubba. Brutus chokes Bubba on the ropes now. Williams comes in now and works on Bubba. Williams misses a backdrop off the second rope. Bubba with a scoop slam. He holds Williams’ legs while Devon goes for the top rope headbutt. Rob Terry pushes him off the ropes. Williams chokes Bubba now. Brutus is tagged back in for more double teaming. Brutus chokes Bubba with the ropes again.

Williams comes back in for more double teaming. Brutus takes a shot at Devon while Williams covers Bubba for a 2 count. Williams keeps in control of Bubba before making another tag to Brutus for even more double teaming. 2 count by Brutus. Bubba starts fighting back from his knees with chops. They finally collide and both go down. Devon comes in as does Williams and they go at it. Devon with a big shoulder and a neckbreaker on Brutus. Devon slams Williams with a chokeslam and slams Brutus. 2 count on Williams. Devon drops Brutus in the corner and pins Williams for another 2 count. They try to double team Devon but Brutus gets dumped to the floor. Ray comes in and pins Williams for a 2 count. They hit the double team neckbreaker for a 2 count on Williams. Brutus comes back in and Devon goes for the top rope headbutt while Bubba holds the legs. Devon nails it and the crowd pops.

The crowd wants tables so Devon goes outside to get them. Rob Terry interferes, hitting Devon. Magnus and Williams take out Bubba in the ring but he manages to dump Brutus to the floor. He goes for the Bubba Bomb on Williams. Rob Terry comes in but accidentally clotheslines Williams. 3D dump Terry to the floor and nails the 3D on Williams for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Team 3D

After the match, Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir hit the ring and attack Team 3D. They set the table up but Team 3D start to fight back. They dump Kiyoshi over the top. They grab Bashir and nail the big top rope powerbomb through the table as the crowd pops. Team 3D celebrates in the ring as the crowd goes nuts.

– Tenay and West talk about the controversial ending to the Knockouts Title match earlier. Lauren is backstage with referee Slick Johnson. He says he feels terrible his error cost Tara the Knockouts Title but he is only human and mistakes happen but his decision is final. He says he will ask Jim Cornette if Tara can get a rematch.

Sharmell vs. Jenna Morasca

Sojo Bolt is introduced first, being Sharmell’s trainer and all. Apparently Sojo will be in Sharmell’s corner for this match. Awesome Kong’s music hits and she comes out, apparently she’s Jenna’s trainer or something and will be in her corner. Jenna comes down wearing a sexy outfit and does maybe one of the hottest ring entrances ever. The bell rings and they size each other up.

They lock up and Sharmell takes Jenna down first. Sharmell stomps on her, mounts her and starts pulling her hair. The ref separates them. Sharmell drops Jenna again and covers her for a 2 count. Sharmell confers with Sojo Bolt at ringside. Sharmell puts a Camel Clutch on Jenna. Jenna with a cross body off the ropes for a 2 count. Sharmell starts slapping at the back of her head and taunting her.

Sharmell pulls Jenna’s hair as she pulls on her arms. The crowd is chanting boring I believe. Sharmell throws Jenna off the ropes and Sojo pulls her feet. Kong comes over but the ref stops her. Sojo gets in the ring and stomps on Jenna with Sharmell. Sharmell eventually gets Jenna in the corner and slaps her. Jenna comes fighting back with lots of slaps and she slams Sharmell. They catfight on the ring and Hebner gets rolled over. Hebner pulls Jenna off Sharmell. Jenna’s holding some of Sharmell’s hair she ripped out. Bolt gets on the apron but gets knocked off into Kong. It looks like a botched spot as Bolt lands hard on the concrete. Kong taunts Sharmell with a piece of her hair. Kong knocks Sharmell back into the ring. Jenna sits on top of Sharmell, grinds her body and moves her hips as the pin is counted.

Winner: Jenna Morasca

After the match, Kong enters the ring where Jenna is dancing. Jenna tells Kong to bend down some so she can get on her shoulders. Jenna sits on her shoulders and waves to everyone. She sets her down and Jenna is whining about something. Jenna slaps Kong. Kong drops her, runs the ropes and nails a big body splash. Kong’s music hits as officials tend to Jenna in the ring.

– Borash is backstage with Kevin Nash. Regarding what Kurt Angle said about firing everyone if they lose, Nash applauded Angle and put him over, talking about his Gold Medal win for his country at the Olympics. Nash talks about winning tonight in his match with AJ Styles for the Legends Title.

TNA Legends Title Match: Kevin Nash vs. AJ Styles

Tenay runs down this match as the challenger Kevin Nash makes his way to the ring. Out next is the TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles to a big pop. The bell rings and the crowd seems pumped. AJ goes for a kick to the legs first but misses. They lock up for a second and back off after AJ kicks again. AJ goes for the leg and finally takes Nash down to the mat. Nash reaches the ropes and it’s broken. AJ with an elbow that knocks Nash off the apron to the floor. AJ goes for a move off the apron but holds it when Nash misses a clothesline. AJ is using his speed here.

Lots of stalling here it seems. Back in the ring now and Nash goes for a move in the corner but AJ ducks it. They lock up again and Nash takes AJ to the corner and hits a big elbow and high knees to the gut. Nash drops AJ in the corner after a bunch of knees. Nash poses for the crowd. Nash in control now as he beats AJ back to the mat. Nash with another big elbow in the corner and another. Nash with a clothesline and a 2 count on AJ.

Nash hits a big sideslam for another 2 count. Nash throws AJ into the corner and hits a clothesline from behind. He tries it in the other corner but AJ counters with a back elbow. AJ goes to the ropes for a move but Nash manages to knock him off the top with a big boot out of nowhere and down to the floor. AJ’s head hits the railing. Nash brings AJ back in the ring and takes his straps down. Nash goes for the Jackknife Powerbomb but AJ starts punching him while in the air. AJ falls on Nash for a 2 count. AJ starts fighting back and they trade shots. AJ kicks at the legs and takes Nash down.

AJ starts stomping on Nash’s legs. AJ bends the legs back and drives Nash down into the mat as the referee checks on him. AJ covers Nash for a 2 count. AJ with a chinlock now on Nash. Nash fights to his feet with AJ on his back and falls on him with his weight. AJ goes to the outside of the apron as Nash gets up. AJ comes in off the top with a flying forearm and a 2 count. Styles eventually hits the pele kick on Nash but gets a close 2 count. AJ comes in with a springboard but Nash catches him with a huge slam. Nash covers AJ for the pinfall and the win.

Winner and New TNA Legends Champion: Kevin Nash

– Lauren is backstage trying to get a word on the Knockouts Title controversy. Referee Slick Johnson comes out of a locker room with his shirt off. He says he was just getting his spider bite checked out. Madison Rayne comes out behind him. Lauren asks her what’s up with that and Madison tells her to mind her own business and shut her mouth.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Beer Money vs. Booker T and Scott Steiner

Mike Tenay runs down the Taglines for this match. Out first is Booker T and Scott Steiner, representing the Main Event Mafia. Out next are the TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money with James Storm riding his cooler. The bell rings and it’s going to be Roode and Booker starting it off.

They lock up and go to the corner. Storm and Booker lock up and Booker takes it to the ropes with chops. Storm catches Booker with a clothesline and drops him. Right hands now by Storm. Storm with a knee to the face and a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Roode comes in for some double teaming. Roode covers Booker for a 2 count. Booker with a thumb to the eyes it looks like as Roode goes down. Steiner is tagged in and takes Roode to the corner. Big chops by Steiner now. Steiner takes a shot at Storm on the apron. Roode starts fighting back out of the corner but Steiner rakes the eyes. Steiner with a big shoulder. Steiner runs into Roode and goes down. Roode with a knee drop and a 2 count. Storm is tagged back in for a double suplex.

Beer Money go to do their chant but send Booker back to the floor. They do the chant with the fans and dive to the floor onto Steiner and Booker. All four men fight on the floor now until they go back in the ring. Booker drops Storm over the fan barrier and throws him in the ring. Steiner with a belly to belly suplex on Storm for a 2 count. Booker with a elbow to the face and Storm goes back down. Booker taunts Roode on the apron. Booker with big chops in the corner on Storm. The ref is distracted, enabling Steiner to double team Storm. Steiner is tagged in and they keep in control of Storm.

Steiner with an overhead suplex on Storm for a 2 count. Booker comes back in and gets a 2 count on Storm as Roode comes in the ring. Booker tags Steiner back in with more chops on Storm. Steiner runs into a boot from Storm. Storm nails a DDT from the top rope on Steiner and both are down. Storm tags in Roode. Roode comes in and clotheslines Booker and Steiner multiple times. Roode kicks Steiner in the face and drops him with a neckbreaker. Roode with the spinebuster on Booker. Roode hits a back elbow on Steiner and a blockbuster from the second rope. 2 count on Steiner as Booker makes the save. Storm ends up kicking Booker in the back of the head and laying him out. Beer Money hit a double team on Steiner for a 2 count.

Steiner takes control after a bit of help from Booker. 2 count for Steiner. He goes for the Steiner Recliner on Roode. Roode fights it off and throws Steiner into Booker. Roode rolls Steiner up for a 2 count and decks Booker off the apron. Steiner gets beer spit in his face by Storm. The ref is knocked down. Beer Money hit the DWI on Steiner as the ref’s back is turned. Roode with a 2 count on Steiner as Booker pulls the ref’s legs. Hebner thinks it was Storm and argues with him. Booker takes advantage and hits the axe kick on Roode. Steiner rolls Roode up from behind while the ref crawls in the ring to count the pinfall and the win.

Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: Booker T and Scott Steiner

– Lauren is backstage with Samoa Joe, who has a towel over his face like Taz. Lauren asks about his adviser. Joe says he is in the building tonight and is ready for war. Joe calls this man his advice, his mentor and the man who unleashed the beast within Joe. Joe says he will deliver Sting’s head to this man. Joe tells Sting it’s showtime tonight and it will be Sting’s final scene.

Sting vs. Samoa Joe

We get a promo video for this match as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring first. Sting is out next, possibly to the biggest pop of the night. They start brawling as the bell rings. Joe knocks Sting out to the floor first and slams him into the steel steps and the apron. Joe with big chops. Joe throws Sting over the fan barrier and into the crowd. Joe with forearm shots. Joe throws Sting into a wall in the middle of the fans. Sting ducks and Joe punches the wall. Sting slams Joe into the wall now.

They continue fighting on the wall with Sting in control. Sting brings it back to the ringside area but Joe rocks him. Joe suplexes Sting on the ramp. Sting throws Joe into the steel steps with a reversal. Joe is holding his arm. They go back in the ring now. Sting kicks Joe into the corner and kicks him down. Sting wrestles Joe down to the mat but Joe gets his foot on the ropes and the hold is broken. Joe tosses Sting through the ropes, to the floor. Joe comes running the ropes with a suicide dive and takes Sting out. Back in the ring and Joe gets a 2 count.

Joe nails a big kick in the corner on Sting and rocks him with forearm shots from the side. Joe takes Sting to the mat and applies a headlock. Joe with a headbutt and more rights and chops into the corner. More rights and chops by Joe as Sting goes down in the corner. Joe takes Sting back to the mat with another headlock. Sting gets to his feet and fights out of it. Joe catches him with a power slam and a 2 count.

Joe with right hands on the ropes now. Sting no sells them and yells in Joe’s face. Sting comes back with big right hands but gets caught in a sleeper hold by Joe. Sting backdrops him and breaks the hold. They go back and forth until Sting clotheslines Joe but not enough for the pinfall. Sting kicks Joe in the gut and drops him for another 2 count. Sting almost climbs to the top but comes back in. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock and locks it. Music starts playing and out comes Taz!

Taz walks to ringside in a suit. The hold is broken and Joe and Sting go at it again. Sting drops Joe with an elbow. Sting goes to the top with a clothesline and a 2 count on Joe. Taz yells at Joe. Sting goes back to the top and Joe knocks him off. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but Sting fights off. Joe locks on the rear naked choke as the referee checks on Sting and Taz watches from ringside. Sting taps out to give Joe the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

– After the match, Taz enters the ring and acknowledges Joe. That’s about it for Taz’s debut. Seems like they would booked it to seem more significant. Taz heads back up the ramp and to the back to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

– Mike Tenay and Don West lead us into a video showing TNA’s newest talent signed, Bobby Lashley. They show Lashley on ESPN Radio last week talking about joining TNA and wanting to fight Brock Lesnar.

– Mick Foley is backstage with Jeremy Borash. Foley says he’s watched everyone be dominant tonight. He says it’s main event time but he doesn’t match up too well with Kurt Angle. Foley talks about dropping the elbow on Kurt Angle at Slammiversary and says if he can do that tonight, Angle will be done. Foley says he dislikes Angle as a person but respects his ability. Foley cuts a great promo on Angle. Foley says he will be the next TNA Champion unless Angle can find a way to beat him.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley

Mike Tenay does the Tale of the Tape for tonight’s main event. Out first is the challenger, Mick Foley. The TNA World Champion Kurt Angle is out next. Jeremy Borash is in the ring doing the usual cheesy formal introductions that he does. Foley gets a good pop while Angle gets mostly boo’d.

The match staerts and they lock up. Foley backs Angle into the corner but backs off him. They lock up again and Angle applies a side headlock. Foley drops Angle with a knee and Angle goes to the floor to regroup. They lock up again and Foley beats Angle down to the mat and applies a face lock. Angle makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Angle goes back to the floor to regroup again. Back in the ring and Angle goes to work on Foley’s arm. Foley reverses it and takes Angle to the corner. Foley with right hands in the corner.

Foley locks on an armbar but Angle gets to the ropes again and breaks the hold. Angle goes back to the floor to regroup but Foley comes after him. Foley slams Angle into the fan barrier and keeps in control. Angle tries to come back in the ring but Foley leg drops him, sending him back to the floor. Angle tries to come in again but Foley snaps Angle’s throat on the ropes. Angle lands on the apron. Foley suplexes Angle back in the ring. 2 count by Foley. Angle rakes the eyes of Foley and nails some right hands. Angle chokes Foley with the ropes now. Angle with a headlock now until he gets knocked back over to the floor.

Foley tries a piledriver on the floor but Angle backdrops him into the steel steps. Angle kicks Foley’s head into the steps a few times and gets back in the ring to break the count. Angle brings Foley back in and stomps away on his knee. Angle works over Foley in the corner now and slams him to the mat by his head. More kicks to the gut by Angle. More right hands by Angle. Foley takes Angle down with another armbar. Kurt counters with the Ankle Lock on Foley. Foley rolls out of it and sends Angle to the mat. Angle with a clothesline and a 2 count.

Angle goes for a moonsault from up top but misses it. Foley nails a double arm DDT for a 2 count. Foley pulls out his Socko. Angle ducks the Mandible Claw and Foley gets shoved into the referee. Angle hits the Angle Slam and covers for a close 2 count. Angle drops an elbow on the back of the referee and limps out to the floor to bring in a steel chair. Foley blocks the chair and applies the Mandible Claw. Foley throws Angle to the floor and drops an elbow drop from the apron. Foley brings Angle in the ring and wakes the ref up. Foley covers Angle for a close 2 count.

Foley locks on a body scissors and the Claw at the same time on Angle. The referee begins to raise and drop Angle’s arm but he hangs on and is still in it. Angle fights out of it and mounts Foley with right hands. Angle locks on his Ankle Lock as Foley looks for the ropes. Foley makes it to the ropes and the hold is broken. Angle drags him back and locks on the Ankle Lock again with a scissors on the leg. Foley taps out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

– After the match, TNA Legends Champion Kevin Nash, Tag Team Champions Booker T & Scott Steiner, Samoa Joe and Taz walk down to the ring to celebrate with Angle. The Main Event Mafia stand tall in the ring while Foley is still down. Taz and Joe raise Angle’s arms. Angle grabs Foley’s sock and spits on it. We go to replays of all tonight’s matches with The Mafia celebrating in the ring. Victory Road goes off the air with Don West saying Bobby Lashley will officially join the Mafia on iMPACT this week.