Frank Mir Calls Brock Lesnar an Embarrassment, Fight Night 19

Partial source:

– Frank Mir has claimed that Brock Lesnar is an embarrassment to the sport of MMA, and that he embarrassed himself and his children. Mir wants a rematch, claiming that he was “within half-an-inch of catching him.”

– Aaron Simpson vs. Ed Herman is slotted for UFC Fight Night 19. Simpson posted a bulletin to announce the fight with Herman on his Facebook page. Here is the updated card for the UFC Fight Night 19, which takes place on September 16th at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City:

* Nate Diaz vs. Melvin Guillard
* Roger Huerta vs. Gray Maynard
* Carlos Condit vs. Chris Lytle
* Ed Herman vs. Aaron Simpson
* Tim Credeur vs. Nate Quarry
* Ronnys Torres vs. Jeremy Stephens
* Mike Pyle vs. Chris Wilson
* Kyle Bradley vs. Sam Stout
* Ryan Jensen vs. Steven Steinbeiss




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  • SchlongaZarD

    “within half an inch of catching him” ….yerr

  • Jay

    he was no-where near him half an inch my arse

  • F H T

    Hmm.. One half Inch?

    Ok, I am not so much of a Lesnar groupie, but I gotta say that Mir was soo cockie prior to the fight it was sickning. And his cockie stroll into the ring, was ridiculous. Mir maybe the best heavy weight BJJ dude around, but lets face facts – he just got “pwned” by a genetic freak called Brock Lesnar. Sure Mir got a few chops/knees in, but who’s hand got raise? I PVRed that PPV and I watched it numerous times, and Mir was destroyed – not just defeated, DESTROYED.

    All your fancy talk ain’t gonna get you respect Mir, you did nothing to back up your talk – You should have beaten Lesnar as you would have been a good champion, but face facts – you don’t have the talent or skill to take on a freak like Lesnar – go job in WWE as you have good microphone skills and can roll around.

  • Jonathan Hensley

    Brock Lesnar has phenomenal athletic gifts coupled with moderate talent. Add those two items to years of steroids/hgh, a bad temper, a crippled vocabulary, poor sportsmanship, and an idiotic northern Minnesota accent and you have our current UFC Heavyweight Champion. What beer was he plugging at the end of the fight? Keyoors light? What a fucking retard. He needs to go back to WWE where his antics are appreciated.

  • james

    Mir the only thing you cought is Lesnar fist with your face. You an embarrasment to the sport. sore loser. man up. you got your ass whopped.

  • Brobad71

    Mir came within a half inch of getting a concussion, that’s about it.

  • Lou

    I can’t get enough of idiot MMA fans like Jonathan listed above pissing and moaning about Lesnar BEATING THE BALLS off Mir. MMA is pro wrestling without the entertainment part.

  • bmello

    Hensley is completely right. What an embarrasment, just what a true sport like MMA needs, idiotic retarded hillbillies tuning in to a redneck gorilla who just happens to have the belt right now but cannot be called a champion. Hes fans giving their opinion is worthless

  • rrpostal

    [MMA is pro wrestling without the entertainment part]

    Errr, not to defend the other guy, but MMA seems to be more like WWE except with competition added. Minus the script. It’s as entertaining to me as ballet. At least some of the people who watch ballet can admit they enjoy watching men prance about the ring entertaining us with choreographed moves.

    Whatever, I simply will never understand. I liked wrestling when I was 6, but then I realized it was fake and it took all of the fun out of it. I don’t understand why it’s entertaining at all.

    All that said, Lesnar is simply too damned big. He just held Mir down and controlled him while punching him in the head. It was simplistic and effective. Mir is a huge man, but Lesnar was like a 15 yr old brother picking on his 1st grade brother. The only thing that could put him in his place is an even bigger, freakier man to do the same thing. Oh yeah, but those don’t exist.

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