Details On Dusty Rhodes/RAW, R-Truth’s Alter-Ego, WM 25


— WWE reached out to Dusty Rhodes about the RAW guest host role last Friday but went with Seth Green instead. ZZ Top will be hosting next week’s show, but Rhodes is still a likely candidate for a guest host sometime down the line. Dusty is said to have a great relationship with the company.

— For those of you who saw SmackDown last Friday, you saw the debut of R-Truth’s alter-ego Pretty Ricky. Pretty Ricky is actually a character taken from Martin Lawrence’s old TV show ‘Martin’ which went off the air in 1997. There’s no word on whose idea it was.

— Insiders believe about 30% of the WrestleMania 25 PPV buys (total: 970,000) came from outside of the United States. WWE gets paid less for international buys than domestic buys.

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