Spoilers: ECW on SyFy Tapings for 7/14/2009

– WWE is taped this week’s edition of ECW at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Special thanks to Shane Howard and Luis Moreno for sending text-message updates.

* A WrestleMania 25 package is shown. Undertaker gets a big pop while Randy Orton gets heat.

Dark Match:

MVP b. Alex Riley w/Beverly in a squash match.
– Riley has a high school gimmick with Beverly as his ‘prom queen’. MVP gets the win with his Playmaker finisher after connecting with a clothesline. The match was approximately five minutes long.

ECW on SyFy: (Airing Tonight)

* Shelton Benjamin b. Christian
– Vladimir Kozlov comes out during the match and distracts Christian. He then joins the commentators at ringside. Christian sells his left arm while Shelton works on it. Benjamin counters a Killswitch and hits Paydirt. Shelton Benjamin gets the win via pinfall.

* Ezekiel Jackson is backstage with Gregory Helms. He talks about making an impact and how he was never in Kendrick’s shadow.

* Yoshi Tatsu b. Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea
– Yoshi botches a top rope attempt but gets the win after surprisng Burchill with a kick to the head.

* Tyler Reks is in Tiffany’s office demanding that he gets a chance to wrestle on ECW next week.

* Zack Ryder b. Goldust
– Goldust controls the majority of the match. Ryder throws Goldust into the middle turnbuckle then connects with Zack Attack to get the win via pinfall.

* Sheamus b. Roman Cornell (Local Jobber)
– Sheamus addresses Roman in Gaellic. He gets the win with an Uranage backbreaker move.

* It is announced that Christian & Tommy Dreamer will be on the Abraham Washington show on next week’s ECW.

* Vladimir Kozlov b. Tommy Dreamer in a non-title match.
– Dreamer goes off the top rope and gets hit with a headbutt. Kozlov connects with his finisher for the win. After the match Kozlov continues the beatdown. Christian comes out for the save but accidentally hits Dreamer. Kozlov leaves both men laying in the ring. This ends this week’s ECW.