Gate/Attendance and Huge Internet Buzz for UFC 100

– The UFC is reporting 11,000 paid for a gate of approximately $5.1 million dollars. The Nevada State Athletic Commission will confirm the numbers later this week, but UFC 100 could be the second biggest gate in UFC history. The average ticket price for the event, off of the figures provided, was $464. UFC also had closed circuit in Las Vegas, at the beach at the Mandalay Bay.

UFC 66, which saw Liddell vs. Ortiz II drew a gate of $5,397,300 off of an attendance of 12,191. This is the largest gate in UFC history. UFC 83, which saw St. Pierre vs. Serra II drew a gate of $5,100,000 off of an attendance of 21,390.

– During Sunday, the following UFC related searches were in the Google top 100 overall searches:

2. Lesnar vs. Mir
4. UFC 100
7. Rena Mero
9. Lesnar interview
11. Fedor
13. Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping
16. Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves
18. Henderson knockout
20. Jonny Jones vs. Jake O’Brien
39. UFC post fight press conference
41. Mark Coleman vs. Stephan Bonnar
59. UFC results
68. Shane Carwin
95. UFC 101
99. Brock Lesnar UFC 100

– On July 11th, the day of the show, “UFC 100” was the #1 topic on Twitter.

– UFC 100 coverage was the #1 news item of the day on Yahoo for most of Sunday.