WWE & TNA Stars React To Brock Lesnar’s UFC 100 Victory

Several WWE and TNA stars have sounded off their opinions on Brock Lesnar’s victory last night at UFC 100, including Matt Morgan and Bobby Lashley who were in attendance. Here are some quotes:

Jeremy Borash: “Brock is a strong heel. Take it from yours truly… Minnesotans are tough. Might try some MMA. I could destroy that nerdy Bruce Buffer.”

Matt Hardy: “Yeah Brock! Reppin’ the toughness of “WWE” guys by making Mir & the non-believers eat their words! We popped HUGE 4 your post fight promo!”

Matt Morgan: “God, I wanna punch every mma fan in here right now!! To all Lesnsr haters: suck on that! Mir ran his mouth, Brock shut him up.”

Bobby Lashley: “WWE star Brock Lesnar won by brutual ground and pound!”

Samoa Joe: “I just made so much money Two minutes ago it hurts. There you go Brock baby way to bring it home.”

Shane “Hurricane“ Helms: “Mir, what do you think of Pro Wrestlers now after getting your ass handed to you and getting beat in a completely one-sided fight!”

VIDEO: Lesnar beats Mir & cuts post-fight promo [VIEW >>]