WWE SmackDown Report for 7/10/2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report- Airing July 10th, 2009
Report by Chris Shore, Prowrestling.net

[Q1]The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Jim Ross and Todd Grisham welcomed us to Smackdown. They hyped the IC main event…Jeff Hardy’s music hit and he made his entrance wearing an eye patch and selling an eye injury. He got a mic and called for a video that showed Punk unable to tag in last week and Hardy’s subsequent similar injury and inability to tag in. Hardy said Punk never came to check on him. He said he didn’t fake injuries, kick referees in the back, or forfeit matches. He said his injury was just as serious as Punk’s. He pulled the patch off to she he was fine. Kane’s pyro hit and he made his entrance…

1. Kane defeated Jeff Hardy at 12:02. Kane tried to attack early and Hardy went right at him. He tossed Kane to the floor and hit a plancha. Back in the ring, Kane hit a low punch and took control. Hardy teased Twist of Fate, but Kane slid out. He lifted Hardy and dropped him on the top rope and then kicked him off. Hardy slid to the floor and recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 5:08, Kane choked Hardy on the ropes. Kane hit a dropkick on a seated Hardy for two. He locked in a bear hug on the ground. Hardy stood up and hit a chinbuster and a dropkick to the knee. He hit another on a crawling Kane for two. Hardy hit his double leg drop on the “midsection” and covered. Kane kicked out at one and picked up Hardy for a gut buster. He slid him across the ring and Hardy wrapped around the pole gut first. Kane hit a baseball slide on his back and covered for two. Neat spot!

[Q2]Kane beat on Hardy with strikes and a backbreaker for two. Kane locked in body scissors. Hardy punched his way out and charged at Kane. Kane hit a sidewalk slam for two. Kane went to the top. Hardy climbed up and Kane pushed him off. Hardy landed on his feet and swept the legs, sending Kane to the mat. Hardy hit his mule kick and a DDT for two. Jeff went to the top and came off for double axe handles. Kane caught him for a chokeslam. Hardy slipped off and hit Whisper in the Wind and covered. Kane kicked out at two.

Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and went to the top. CM Punk’s music hit and he came out to the stage. Hardy stopped and they stared at each other. Kane sat up and grabbed Hardy and chokeslammed him for the win. Post match, Punk stood at the top of the ramp and smiled and Hardy…The announce team hyped the main event…[C]

Back from commercial, the Word Up video aired. Today’s word was “Bromance.” They cited Fred and Barney and Sigfried and Roy. They punked the Hart Dynasty by calling them gay and Jesse came out. They locked him in a cage and ended the segment…

John Morrison and Teddy Long were talking backstage. Teddy said they should go Kareoke together after their MJ show last week. Morrison rolled his eyes and reminded Teddy he challenged the Punk/Hardy winner. They heard some banging behind them and Teddy left. The door popped open and Zigler came stumbling out. Morrison said it was about time he came out of the closet and left. Ziggler rolled his eyes and Maria came out of the closet. She wished him luck and slapped his ass…[C]

[Q3]Back from commercial, Ziggler made his entrance. My baby daddy was out next…

2. Dolph Ziggler defeated John Morrison at 6:05. Morrison started out in control. He had to break a chin lock and gave Ziggler a noogie. Ziggler attacked him. Morrison hit a back elbow, spilling Ziggler to the floor. Morrison hit a spinning plancha. He put Ziggler in the corner and teased Starship pain. Ziggler grabbed his foot and he took control. He hit a knee on Morrison’s head on the apron. He followed up with a running knee lift and a belly to back suplex for two. Ziggler played the arrogant heel.

He locked in a full nelson and Morrison slipped out. Morrison hit a few Pele kicks and then a heel kick, followed by his running knee to a seated Ziggler for two. Ziggler dodged a charging Morrison and hit a reverse body slam for two. He whipped Morrioson to the corner. Morrison dodged the charge in and hit a kick, followed by a missile dropkick for two. Morrison came off the ropes and after several reversals, Ziggler rolled him up and grabbed the tights for the win. Post match, Morrison yelled at him while Ziggler celebrated up the ramp…The announce team hyped the main event…[C]

Back from commercial, the announce team hyped a video of R-Truth in Bubba Teeth trying to sneak in the coliseum. Yeah, I can’t really describe what I just saw. It’ll be on WWE.com I’m sure…

[Q4]Melina and Eve made their entrance, followed by Michelle McCool and Layla…

3. Melina and Eve defeated Michelle McCool and Layla at 4:30. Eve and Layla started off. Yes, it was as bad as that sounds. Eve caught Layla as she tried a cross body and hit a slam for two. Eve hit a baseball slide and spilled Layla to the floor. She rolled her back in the ring. Layla distracted the ref and McCool kicked Eve in the head. McCool tagged in and covered for two. She locked in a figure four head lock.

Eve fought out and hit a bulldog. Double hot tags had Melina squashing Layla. McCool hit Melina from behind while the ref was distracted. Layla picked her up in a backbreaker move. Melina slipped out and hit McCool. She dodged and Layla ran into McCool. Melina rolled up Layla for the win. Post match, McCool attacked Melina. She spilled her to the floor and tried to hit a knee to Melina’s head. Melina moved and clotheslined McCool into the front row. Like seven guys’ heads exploded. McCool came back over the wall and the ref separated them allowing McCool to escape…[C]

Back from commercial, a video recapped the Hardy/Punk tag match from last week…Back ringside, Jeff Hardy sat in on commentary. CM Punk made his entrance to pretty steady boos. Punk was still selling the eye injury. Punk got a mic and asked Jeff if he was proud of himself. Punk said he could have been injured when Jeff faked his eye injury.

[Q5]Punk held up a little bottle and said they were his eye drops. He said the only way you could get them was by a doctor’s prescription. He said he knew Jeff knew about prescriptions, but he bet Jeff didn’t know you had to go to a doctor to get them. He trashed Punk’s drug history and compared Jeff ‘s lifestyle to his. He said Jeff had zero chance to win the belt.

4. CM Punk fought The Great Khali w/Ranjin Singh to a no contest at 2:46. Khali started out in control. He hit a big chop for two. Punk hit several kicks and covered. Khali almost threw Punk out of the ring when he kicked out. Punk hit the high knee, but Khali pushed him off. Khali hit another chop and then the Punjabi Plunge. Kane’s pyro hit and he came to the ring with a chair. Punk skipped town.

Mini Me tossed Khali a chair and he and Kane faced each other off. Kane hit Khali and Khali no sold after a second. Kane went to hit him again and Khali punched the chair out of his hand. Kane tried to reason with Khali, and Khali hit him with his chair. Kane skipped town…[C]

Back from commercial, Cryme Tyme made their entrance. The Hart Dynsaty were out next…

5. The Hart Dynasty w/Natalya defeated Cryme Tyme at 2:54. JTG and Kidd started out. JTG hit several moves and tossed Kidd to the floor after knocking Smith down as well. He went to the floor and made a pass at Natalya. Kidd grabbed him and dropped him on the announce table. Kidd rolled him back in the ring and tagged in Smith.

[Q6]Smith worked power on JTG and did his dad’s standing vertical suplex. JTG escaped and got the hot tag. Shad squashed Smith. He teased his finisher but had to hit Kidd. Natalya distracted the ref and the Harts hit Hi-Lo on Shad and Smith covered for the win…Post match, the announce team hyped the main event for next…[C]

The Raw Rebound was the same one from Superstars, the Million Dollar man and the Hunter/Cena match…Jericho made his ring entrance. He cut a promo on being the best at what he does. He ran down his title count and said he would cement his legendary status after he won tonight. He said the best thing was his victory would come over Rey Mysterio. His music played and he scowled at the fans into the break…[C]

[Q7]Back from commercial, Rey made his entrance. Old school intros. Very cool…

6. Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho to retain the Intercontinental Championship at 23:07. Jericho started out with a headlock and won the first shoulder tackle contest. Rey punched out of power bomb attempt, but Jericho tossed him to the floor. Rey rolled through and popped up. Jericho slid out and Rey back in. Rey hit a mule kick when Jericho tried to get in.

Rey went out and rolled Jericho back in the ring and ran the ropes. He jumped up, but Jericho reversed into a back breaker. Rey fought out and charged at Jericho. Jericho tossed him, but Rey landed on the apron. Jericho whipped him on the apron, sending him into the post on to the floor. Rey recovered into the break…[C]

Back at the 5:50 mark, Jericho hit a baseball slide to spill Rey back to the floor. Jericho got him back in the ring and hit a knee drop for two. He cinched in a chin lock. Rey fought out and hit a insaguri. He leapt at Jericho, but he reversed into a spinning torture rack for two. Jericho slapped Rey’s head and choked him on the ropes. He hit a snapmare and went back to the chin lock. Rey fought out an hit a springboard cross body for two. He hit a wheelbarrow into a bulldog for two. Jericho reversed a whip and hit a power bomb with a bridge for two at 9:15.

[Q8]The crowd chanted 619. Rey tried to reverse a whip into a hurricanranna, but Jericho sat down and locked in Walls of Jericho. Rey powered up and rolled over into a Sunset flip. Jericho sat down for two. Rey reversed for two. Jericho reversed again for two. Rey hit a hurricanranna to setup 619. Jericho slipped away and Rey took a nasty looking spill to the floor after getting tangled in the ropes on the missed 619. Both men recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 15:10 and Jericho had a chin lock on. Rey stood up and Jericho whipped him to the corner and followed in for a clothesline for two. Jericho hit several punches and then chocked Rey with his foot. Rey tried to fight back, but Jericho lifted him for a unique spinning neckbreaker move thingy. You had to see it. Jericho locked in a modified crucifix to rest.

Rey escaped and hit a rollup for two at 18:00. He went for a springboard moonsault and Jericho grabbed him. He tied Mysterio in the Tree of Woe and went for a spear. Mysterio sat up and Jericho hit the post. Rey worked quick offense. He hit a mule kick and a springboard splash for two. He tried for a hurricanranna, but Jericho flipped him forward on his face for two.

Both men sold being exhausted. Jericho hit a bulldog. Jericho went for the Lionsault, but Rey moved. Jericho landed on his feet and reversed another hurricanranna into the Walls of Jericho at 21:01. Rey made the ropes and stood on the apron. Jericho tried a baseball slide but Rey jumped over him. He hit a springboard moonsault on the floor. Rey rolled Jericho into the ring and came off the top. Jericho reversed into a Codebreaker for two. Wow. Rey fought out and hit a drop toe hold, a sitting drop kick, the 619, and a splash for the win.

Post match, Edge ran in and Rey split to the floor. Ziggler ran down and knocked Rey out and tossed him into the ring. Edge hit a spear and then held Rey in a wheelbarrow for Jericho to do the Codebreaker. They invited Ziggler in the ring and left. Ziggler stalked Rey and hit his finisher when Rey stood up. He stood over him to end the show…





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    wwe says they are going to give john morrison a world title shot after the night of champions if they do they should give him the title shot at summerslam when they go to his hometown of los angles calafornia and i hope cm punk wins so morrison can beat punk in his hometown at summerslam and also the best match for this week,s smackdown was rey vs jericho and i hope jericho turns heel and undertaker returns soon

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