Dana White Makes Lesnar Sit Down At Press Conference

An interesting blog from Canadian reporter Neil Springer at Canoe.ca recounts an incident at the UFC 100 press conference where Brock Lesnar’s desire for privacy clashed with Dana White’s desire for press leading into tonight’s big pay-per-view. The report reads:

“Brock Lesnar’s annoyance with the media spotlight continued at today’s UFC 100 press conference.

While saying his bit at the beginning, he informed everyone he’d be leaving once he was done speaking and wouldn’t take any questions from the press. As Lesnar attempted to split, UFC president Dana White pulled him aside and spoke directly into his ear. Only they know what was said, but Lesnar immediately sat his ass back down and answered all the media’s questions.”

This isn’t the first time Brock has tried to escape the media. During the filming of the UFC 100 Countdown show (which airs on Spike TV again this afternoon or on UFC.com at this link) Brock storms out of an interview and punches a hallway wall so far that the next door over falls off it’s hinges. Brock has stated in numerous interviews that he doesn’t own a computer and rarely watches TV, while a recent article in his hometown newspaper claimed that he turned down multiple Hollywood offers and most people in his hometown leave him alone when out in public.

You can see 12 brand new pics of Rena “Sable” Lesnar taken this morning at this link




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  • blaze1

    Brock Lesnar chooses to be private. We should ALL (media included), respect that. Brock Lesnar does not OWE, any of us anything. Other than to show up, and KICK ASS! Those of us, true Lesnar fans respect that!

    So much is said, about him not having the internet. Let it go! He has turned down Hollywood offers…..so, what? He does not need Hollywood to elevate his persona. He is already a global megastar! A wrestling icon, who is FOCUSED on one thing…..to be THE BEST in his profession! People in his hometown leave don’t bother him. Hello? Why can’t the media follow that example?

    In a world, where sports figures are larger than life…..Brock Lesnar remains grounded. For that, I have nothing but RESPECT for him.

  • Mr x

    blaze1 u are [email protected] correct u rock

  • bmello

    If Lesner didnt want in the spotlight he should find a new career, or go fight somewhere else, NOT the biggest MMA organization on the planet. He won simply because of his size, period. Its completely obvious he has a limited skill set, wrestling and athletic, Yes i’ll give him that but that is the extent of it. When a larger HW like Carwin or Cain (the winner) or Gab Gonzaga or the almighty Fedor, hell even if Mir was bigger and closed the 50-60 lbs weight gap his so many flaws will be shown. Being 1-1 hardly deserved a title shot in the first place and I blame D. White for chasing the money on that one. Regardless of all that, it doesnt warrant his idiotic and disrespectful antics before and after his fight. Those people are lining your pockets and he flips them off? Bud Light is reassuring your paycheck and you put them down? What a waste of a champion and a true embarrassment to the sport of MMA and a horrible face for the UFC especially during this time of growth and expansion for the industry

  • cebulka

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