Brock Lesnar Knocks Out Frank Mir In 2nd Round

Brock Lesnar knocked out Frank Mir in the second round of their fight at UFC 100 on Saturday night. The majority of the first round was spent on the ground with Lesnar ontop of Mir pummeling him with blows to the face and body. The second round was much of the same. The crowd started chanting “Stand them up” due to inactivity on the ground, but seconds later Brock started hitting Mir in the face with right hands that sent Mir’s head bouncing between Brock’s fist and the cage. The referee stopped the fight and the crowd heavily booed Lesnar, who then flipped off the crowd.

After the fight when Mir finally got up, Lesnar talked some trash to him and they had to be separated. In the post-fight interview, Lesnar cut a heel promo and was booed heavily. He said he loves the boos, and that Mir had a horseshoe up his a** but he took it out and beat him with it. He said was going to go spend time with his friends and family, and said “I might even get on top of my wife tonight.” He was then shown walking to the back with his wife Rena “Sable” Lesnar who recently gave birth to their baby boy.

Video of Lesnar’s win & speech at UFC 100 [VIEW HERE >>]