Top WWE Star Getting Married This Weekend

While normally we don’t report details on personal lives, since John Cena has already publicly declared he will be getting married sometime this year, we figured it would be okay to report that the time is now. reports that Cena was in a Boston court today asking that the three day wait for getting maried after receiving a license in Massachusetts be waived. The reason being so they can have their wedding ceremony this weekend.

Cena was in court with his bride to be and another female who may have been his publicist. They filled out paperwork for about a half hour, saw the judge, and got the waiting period waived. Cena signed some autographs while waiting in line but aside from that he was very quiet. Sources say he was a gentlemen and thanked the staff who helped him.

You can see 18 pics of Cena and his soon-to-be wife partying at this link