Cena Speaks On Possibly Turning Heel, Future RAW Stars

John Cena was recently interviewed by ESPN.com to promote the Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 videogame and 12 Rounds on DVD. Here are some highlights:

On if he would like to turn heel: That’s the thing, I’m one of those guys who on any given day can be booed out of any building. I’m the only guy who is neither a good guy or a bad guy. That’s because I’m genuinely myself. Certainly, guys in our industry try to sway the audience one way or the other, but like I said, I go out there and I’m me. I have certain things that I stand for, certain things that I believe in, and if you don’t like it and you tell me to go to hell, I think that’s your God-given right as a fan. It’s one of those deals where I’m that one guy who is outside of that realm of good guy, bad guy. I’m just me, and it elicits a response both positive and negative.

Who he sees as the stars of the future: Now is a really good time because since the inception of WWE, there has always been that one, this is the guy. But now, you have a lot of possibilities, guys like Ted DiBiase Jr., The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston and even a guy like MVP. These are guys who are all on the cusp. For the first time, we have all these guys who are ready to charge the gates and make a run to try and be the No. 1 guy on Raw.

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