WWE Changes the Annihilation PPV?, New Edge Injury Videos and More

– This past Thursday’s edition of WWE Superstars on WGN America scored an 0.9 rating.

– Donny sent along these videos of Edge being attended to by doctors and taken out with some help at the WWE live event this past Friday night when he was injured. You can see the first video at this link and the second video at this link.

– Devin Cutting sent the following: WWE has apparently changed it’s mind about renaming the October 25th pay-per-view as WWE.com has the event listed as Cyber Sunday again. Last week, the website switched the name of the event to Annihilation.

– ECW General Manager Tiffany has some very sexy new photos of her in a bikini on the beach now online, another hot shoot from her this year. You can view the latest Tiffany must see’s by CLICKING HERE.