New WWE Video Game Covers Released, Super Crazy in TNA, More

– J.D. Costello, President & CEO of the National Wrestling Alliance’s Charlotte territory has announced they are shutting down effective July 3 after the company suffered “tremendous financial loss” during the second quarter of this year. “The tremendous financial loss from the abrupt closing of NWA Coliseum on April 25 cannot be recouped this year,” Costello said in a press release. “And the enormous physical costs of re-building new sets, along with upfitting a new facility, are too much to invest in these challenging economic times.” The territory launched back in January.

– is reporting former WWE and ECW star Super Crazy will be wrestling at a TNA show in Laredo, Texas on August 22nd. No word yet if they will be bringing Crazy in after this show.

– Thanks to Raha Bouda of THQ for sending us all of the covers for the upcoming WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 video game.