Matt Hardy Discusses His Recent Injuries, Surgery and More

– SmackDown Superstar Matt Hardy has posted a new blog on his MySpace page where he addresses the injury reports and sheds some light on what’s been going on with him. Thanks to Jen Carson for passing this along:

Well guys and gals, since the news has been leaked all over the ‘net, I figured I should go ahead and address it truthfully. Yes, the rumors are true, I had some major surgery a couple of day ago. The triple threat match against MVP and Kofi in Green Bay was the straw that broke the camel’s back. In a few days, I’m gonna blog on my WWE Universe page and fill everyone in on everything. But here’s a little taste of how tough and annoying the last 2 years of my life has been. For two years, I’ve been working with a slight abdominal tear, a genetic defect that I was actually born with. Even though we torture ourselves every night in that ring for each of your guy’s entertainment.. But don’t get me wrong, we love it and chose to do it. The tear hasn’t been anything that has really over-affected me performance-wise.. Until.. My appendectomy. From when I returned in April 2008, my abdominal tear became gradually worse. I was having a U.S. Title run I was very proud of.. So I sucked it up! I became the ECW Champion, and was having one of the best runs of my career, and the abdominal injury really started bothering me.. So I sucked it up! I wanted to get it fixed before it got really bad.. BUT.. I had an issue with Jeff on TV which would ultimately lead us to wrestling one another at THE show of all shows, Wrestlemania. So I sucked it up and got through it! Basically, in a nutshell, my intestines were slowly tearing through my abdomen.. Which affected my training greatly, my in-ring work, and my physical appearance. My intestines were slowly swelling because they were all outta wack and protruding through my abdominal wall. But I sucked it up and gave everything I had. I haven’t been able to do a sit-up in two years. And as I totally expected, The lil “wanna be cool guys” that feel like bad-asses behind a keyboard LOVED to make comments about my weight gain because I was being lazy. Little did they know, or yet probably even care, that I’ve stayed constantly frustrated that I was dealing with these serious complications. Honestly, I only care about the personal friends and family that I have, that know my true deal.. It’s only their opinions I take serious and to heart. Anybody who writes about me, whether good or bad, but especially bad.. I couldn’t care less. I just say thanks for keeping me in the news. The night in Green Bay, when Kofi gave me a cross body from the top rope, my intestines exploded out through my abdominal wall.. And not just in one spot, but in two spots. I had to have it fixed, or face major health problems.. Problems that could have killed me. So as always, I do what’s good for me, my career, friends, and loved ones. Hateful, ignorant comments made on the world wide web certainly doesn’t bothered me-but sometimes give me a good laugh.. And my world is a world those people will never experience. I can actually get into the shape I wanna be in now.. Very excited about that. It’s sushi time peeps, I’ll be back soon to blog for guys again. Be well, and until then..Quote of the day – “Everyone’s gathered to idolize me”

– King Of Leon, The Bucket Matt