IMPACT & Superstars Ratings, Brock Lesnar, Borash

— The 7/2 episode of TNA iMPACT did a 1.2 rating, and the 7/2 episode of WWE Superstars did a 0.9 rating.

— The latest from Jeremy Borash on Twitter: Heard WWE is looking for ring anncrs who can sing. Guessing they heard my rendition of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up and got scared.

— For those looking to gamble on Brock Lesnar’s fight against Frank Mir on Saturday, here are the official odds:
UFC 100
Brock Lesnar -215 to -256
Frank Mir +175 to +205

Most of the betting is for Lesnar

You can view Roddy Piper’s hilarious mugshot at this link