Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – July 3rd, 2009

– Here are full WWE Friday Night SmackDown spoilers from last night’s tapings in Fresno, CA, thanks to Dave Weber and Prowrestling.net:

Dark Match:

1. Drew McIntyre defeated Jamie Noble. I couldn’t see the finish becuase a huge guy came from backstage and walked in front of me.


Smackdown started with C.M. Punk running down the events of The Bash claiming he kicked the referee accidentally. He demands an apology from Jeff Hardy for him attacking him after the match intentionally.

Teddy Long came out and said Vince McMahon liked the way he shook things up at The Bash. He announced that Jeff will get his rematch at the Night of Champions pay-per-view. Teddy announced the main event of Rated Y2J vs. Punk and Hardy for tonight.

1. Finlay defeated Ricky Ortiz. Finlay won the short match with the Celtic Cross finisher.

Backstage. Ziggler and Maria talking about their date last night and they should do it again she wishes him luck tonight

2. Dolph Ziggler defeated R-Truth. Ziggler gets the win with his finisher. The crowd was into Truth a lot he celebrated with the crowd after his loss with music

3. Kane defeated Rey Mysterio. Rey gets huge pop followed out by Kane..rey hits 619 Kane counters the West Coast Pop and chokeslammed him for win. Khali came out with a chair and ran Kane off through the crowd.

Backstage, Chris Jericho said his rematch will be next week. He was joined by Edge, who talked about how Punk and Hardy are not on the same page and therefore will not be a challenge.

4. Cryme Tyme defeated The Hart Dynasty. JTG got worked for a while until he made a hot tag to Shad, who pinned David Hart Smith for the win.

5. Melina defeated Maria, Michelle McCool, and Layla in a four-way. Melina won with split leg drop on Layla.

John Morrison and Teddy Long were backstage singing Michael Jackson songs about Morrisson beating Punk last week.

6. Edge and Chris Jericho defeated C.M. Punk and Jeff Hardy. The tag champs came out first followed by Punk and Jeff. Punk sold the eye throughout the match by not taking the tag from Jeff. After finally getting the advantage, Hardy slapped Punk on the shoulder to tag him in. Punk traded back and forth offense with the champs. Punk got beat down and crawled to tag Jeff, but Jeff oversold an eye injury of his own. Punk hit Jericho with the GTS, but Edge got a blind tag and speared him for the win.

Dark Match:

1. Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio defeated Edge and Chris Jericho in a steel cage. Extra quick match that lasted maybe a minute. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate on Edge. Rey with an assisted 619 from jeff on Jericho. Then they both hit the Swanton and splash respectively and got the double pinfall.

– We’ve got a large new gallery of hot and sexy candids of Maryse, Mickie James, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly and Maria which you can see by CLICKING HERE. Another must see gallery.




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