JR Blog: Next Week’s SmackDown Main Event, ECW’s Changes, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some of the highlights:

– ECW is going to be a mix of a handful of vets mixxing it up w/ several rookies. WWE has many, talented youngsters who will make ECW their home for the foreseeable future.This show will showcase their ever improving skills.w/ some talents winning, some losing and all of them improving. That’s the goal. Got a feeling this show will be feast or famine w/ no lack of effort. Sheamus, the Keltic Warrior is a keeper. Kovlov had a good nite. There is something good in the future for the Russian. Abraham Washington’s “talk” show will be challenging at first but the young man can talk. Patience for these young kids will be needed by all involved but they’ll succeed with hard work and the leadership of the vets.ECW will be unpredictable without question. I expect Christian, Dreamer & Regal to be viable vets on Tues nite.

– SD did well in the draft. It was easy to see it in tonight’s locker room. The Hart Dynasty adds ready to rock youth and heritage. Finley adds a veteran who can have a good match w/ most anyone as he did w/ Ricky Ortiz who learned from the Quiet Man.” Friday Night SD is wrestling heavy. Fit-Ortiz, Ziggler-Truth, Rey vs Kane, a diva tag that had the time to evolve,and the reluctant duo of Jeff Hardy & CM Punk vs Team Ego of Jericho & Edge.Once I slipped up and said “Edge & Christian.” Opps…my bad or wishful thinking. The finish at the end of the show provided two surprises that you should watch Friday night.

– Plus there is one more night to go Wednesday in Bakersfield. This may be the most interesting night of the week as it relates to fatige and unpredictability. Jericho challenges Mysterio Wed nite for the IC Title. Let’s hope that they can recreate their magic at The Bash. Wed’s content will be voicedover next week in Stamford. We’re all out here working hard with many new elements which keeps everyone on their toes & to be honest some of it will be great and some will be fodder for the critics.

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