Brooke Hogan/Macho Man, Traffic Trouble, PPV Buys

— WWE’s PPV replays usually sell less than 5% of what the live version of them sells.

— Leo sent this note in: My girlfriend and I are watching Brooke’s show while she was chatting with people. Someone asked what Macho Man’s fav snack is? and she replied with “Steroids”

— IT News Online reports that website traffic dropped 31% from May 2008 to May 2009. was read by 2,574,245 unique visitors in May 2008, but dropped to 1,784,088 unique visitors in May 2009. WWE and NASCAR were the only major sports sites that dropped among the top-10 finishers.

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    I wonder why Brooke Hogan would make a comment like that. After all Randy Savage has been through. If you can’t say anything nice then just keep quiet.

  • Tennessee Tyrant

    … and who is your father no-name no-talent with bleach blonde hair and a 3rd world body …

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