MVP Appears with Sherri on the Red Carpet, Warrior Blogs on Jackson, More

– WWE Superstar MVP was seen on the red carpet outside the BET Awards this evening with Sherri Shephard of ABC’s The View. The two were talking about Michael Jackson with one of CNN’s hosts.

– As noted earlier, Hurricane Helms posted a Twitter update saying fellow ECW wrestler Paul Burchill’s brother recently passed away in Afghanistan. The BBC features multiple stories on the death of Major Sean Birchall, the 33-year-old brother of the WWE Superstar. The first story says Sean was killed on June 19 in an explosion in Afghanistan. In a story published on Friday, hundreds turned out midday for the fallen soldier to be repatriated.

– Former WWF Champion Ultimate Warrior has posted a tongue-in-cheek blog on his official website concerning the passing of Michael Jackson.

Warrior wrote: “I imagine all the crying about the death of this recent drug-soused entertainment freak has most to do with the unfortunate inconvenience that the other drug-soused entertainment freaks now face. They will have to look for another local, safe and reputable babysitter. No longer will they be able to drop their kids off down the street at Jacko’s to be watched for the afternoon and spend some play time with his own kids.”





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  • Kevin Valverde

    Hey i just wanted to know which pro wrestling school is the best in the country by country i mean the U.S.

  • jason

    world league wrestling in missouri ran by harley race

  • sat

    Why does Ultimate Warrior have to be such a huge jackass. the world is in mourning over the death of the most famous music icon in the world, and this is the reaction of warrior? if you have nothing good to say, then you should just stfu!

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